Naujhil Integrated Rural Project For Health and Development


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Ansprechpartner: Sundaram, Ernest Dr.

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Über uns

NIRPHAD was established in 1978, as a project for the Agra Conference of the Methodist Church in India. NIRPHAD provides community-based health services (primary, secondary and tertiary). The coverage includes Primary Health Care to approximately 1,51,000 population in 118 villages in Mathura District (in U.P.). Primary and secondary Eye Care Services to the whole district and tertiary and super specialty services to the 15,00,000 population of Mathura District (through SJSH). NIRPHAD programmes are need-based, flexible and involve the full participation of the community.

- Strengthening Agriculture: Extension services (including distribution of HYV seeds, seedlings, saplings, judicious use of fertilizers, use of compost and natural pesticide); Soil reclamation and limited irrigation saturation; Water Harvesting; Training in modern methods and continuing education schemes.
- Animal Husbandry: Extension services (including preventive, promotive and curative care), sterilization for drought animals, All services for genetic improvement and fodder distribution; Training and continuing education programmes.
- Income Generation: Arranging of Bank Loans for buying animals, crop seeds, buffalo carts and small-scale entrepreneurship.
- Social Action: Promotion of Self-help groups for women (including micro-credit programmes); Vocational training of youth (especially unemployed); Training women in agriculture, animal husbandry, hand printing, sewing; knitting, carpet weaving, stone carving and indigenous cottage industries; Organizing focus groups to overcome alcohol abuse, violence against women (including rape and incest), helping widows to receive Govt. pension on time, advocacy against corruption and social injustice.
- Health, Family Planning and Child Development: MCH Centre at Chattikara; Develop minimal basic health infrastructure in each village; Mobile vans for home visits; Health education; Routine immunizations; Participation in global polio eradication campaigns; Growth monitoring of children (below 6 years); Distribution of high dose Vitamin-A and ORS packets; Preventive, promotive and curative care; Safe delivery-ante-, natal & post-natal care for Child Survival and Safe Motherhood; Primary and secondary services to make eye care a mass movement; Community Based Child Development Programme including Early Child Care and Education (ECCE); Link health activities with socio-economic development; Training for staff and target groups.
- Environmental improvement: Demonstration for construction of smokeless stoves and bio-gas plants; Installation of latrines and septic tanks; Model low cost housing; Improvement of drainage and garbage disposal.

For other net participants we can offer expert guidance through trained staff, deliver a lecture, procure an expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.