Buwooya Child Care Ministries

Buwooya, Village, BUIKWE DISTRICT

Ansprechpartner: Moses Kiyaga



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Über uns

Buwooya Child Care Ministries is a Christian organization based in Buwooya Village, Buikwe District, Uganda East-Africa. We focus on supporting & developing children, Youth & communities, to educational, physical and spiritual development.

Buwooya Child Care Ministries was founded by Moses Kiyaga in 2011 in Buwooya Village Buikwe District Central Uganda. We are a small grassroots non-denominational non-political organization with a school of over 200 Children, which allows us to have a personal connection with each child.

We focus on children and families living in extreme poverty in Uganda by re-building communities and empowering today´s Children and youth. We provide resources for students to excel academically and will not turn a child away due to age or religion.

Our team of national staff and volunteers work directly with the children in various community outreach and education programs to improve their quality of life spiritually, emotionally, and physically

Buwooya Child Care Ministries is deeply committed to God, the local community, sustainability and of course the children. All the employees are Ugandan and volunteers and missionaries from around the world are helping with the work.

Our Mission
Buwooya Child Care Ministries seeks to live out the love of Jesus by educating and empowering the Vulnerable, underprivileged children and young people in Buwooya Village as well as Community development!

• Creating projects that encourage development.
• Educating the locals about conservation.
• Building homes for the most vulnerable children.

Moses Kiyaga is the Founder of Buwooya Child Care Ministries.

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Also we can offer an expert guidance in the field of our work. We believe that long-term relationships and partnerships benefit not only the children and families we serve, but also the partner by giving them a chance to be a vital part of the journey in what God is doing in Africa.