College for International Co-operation and Development CICD

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HU12 0NP Patrington - Hull
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  • Hilfe für Entwicklungsländer
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  • Friedenspolitik
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Über uns

College for International Co-operation and Development CICD is located in Winestead, near Hull in north east England. In partnership with one World university in Mozambique we offer the programme "Fighting with The Poor", where you can earn an A-certificate and become an activist with experience!

CICD offers 3 different programmes of 14 / 18 or 24 months. They all include 6 months international studies and preparation and 6 months service period as a Development Instructor at a project in Africa or India.

Since our College was started in 1998 we have trained hundreds of Development Instructors at CICD - people of all ages, many different nationalities, different faiths, different backgrounds in every way. They have gone on to carry out front line development work at projects run by Humana People to People in Southern Africa and India, bettering conditions shoulder to shoulder with The Poor.

Humana People to People run 385 developmet projects, most with the main focus on health and education:
• Child Aid and community development
• Teacher Training Colleges
• Farmers Clubs - from communal to commercial farmers
• Social work with street children
• Pre school and primary schools
• Environment projects
• Vocational School
• HIV/AIDS prevention campaign Total Control of the Epidemic - TCE
• Sale of second hand clothes and shoes
• Malaria prevention campaigns

For other net participants we can give a lecture and communicate specialist information in the field of our work.