BP : 49 UVIRA; N°69, Avenue Isiro, Quartier Nyamianda
Ville d´Uvira
Dem. Republik Kongo (Zaire)

Kontaktperson: Charlotte Pendeza, Sephanie Milenge Matundanya

+243 817 537 157; +243 991 983 087


  • Bildungspolitik/-projekt
  • Frauenpolitik/feministisches Projekt
  • Umweltprojekt


A propos de nous
Pour nous permettre de contribuer à l'émergence d'un développement durable et harmonieux dans notre pays, surtout en cette période où notre nation a besoin du soutien de tous pour réussir sa reconstruction, nous nous sommes engagés à former une association dont l'activité principale est la promotion de la femme, de la fille et de l'enfant dans la vision de la valorisation leurs droits dans la vie quotidienne
ACTIVITES TRIMESTRIELLES du10 Janvier au 29Juin2024
Dans le cadre de promouvoir les actions socio-économique et culturelle des personnes vivants avec handicap dans le territoire d’uvira et de fizi mais aussi en mairie d’uvira et baraka. Grace à son projet d’autonomisation des adolescent(e)s a traves les compétences de vie grâce à l’éducation sociale

Über uns

To enable us to contribute to the emergence of a sustainable and harmonious development in our country, especially in this period when our nation needs the support of all to succeed in its reconstruction, we are committed to forming an association whose main activity is the promotion of women, girls and children in the vision of enhancing their rights in everyday life.
Thus, on January 26, 2012 was created an association called Solidarity of Women, Girls and Children of the DR Congo for Development "SOLIFEDE-RDC" in acronym.
SOLIFEDE DRC is registered as a charitable NGO in the DRC on 01 September 2020 and builds on the potential of young women as agents of change; in empowering adolescents with life skills and social and financial education and in overcoming the effects of life, sexual violence, discrimination and poverty, albeit to a greater degree.

Mission and vision
SOLIFEDE DRC's mission is to support and promote the socio-economic and health welfare, rights of women, girls and children in rural and urban areas, guarantee and ensure equal rights of women, girls and children in relation to the global balance in the field of education, health, social and economic environment in the target community.
SOLIFEDE DRC wants to be a strong and stable institution, able to accompany women, girls, children and other vulnerable in the emergence of the Millennium Development Goals and harmonize by 2030 for the establishment of a stable society based on the enjoyment of rights of all citizens without discrimination and distinction of sex, status (social rank) and in strict compliance with laws in force; This vision of a stable society would only be achieved through the promotion and unconditional practice of distributive and restorative justice in favor of the whole community.

Global objectives:
• Promote the socio-economic well-being and the rights of women, girls and children in its area of action;
• Guarantee and ensure the equal rights of women, girls and children in relation to the global balance and in the target community.

Specific Objectives:
• To reduce the physical and moral violence and the lack of educational, sanitary and entertainment infrastructures (games, sports and recreational activities) for children, and to facilitate the education of children through school sponsorship.
• Participate in actions to reduce acts that hinder peace and democracy, free expression and the assurance of a protected life for women;
• Apply techniques for environmental resilience and intelligent agriculture for increased and abundant production;
• Accompanying women, girls, youth and people living with disabilities in the search for solutions to socio-economic autonomy;
• To fight against violence against women and to promote women's participation in society for an emergence towards mental, political, cultural, economic and financial empowerment.

Areas of intervention:
• Protection and promotion of children's rights
• Social, financial and inter-personal education
Women´s issues:
• Women, peace and security (resolution 1325),
• Adult literacy and digital education
• Local governance, democracy
• Emergency and humanitarian action
Food security:
• Food security and agribusiness,
• Agricultural finance
• Right to sexual and reproductive health
• My body and My choice
• Environmental protection and sustainable development
• Appropriate rural and digital technologies.
• Environmental entrepreneurship

Charlotte Pendeza is the Vice President and Sephanie Milenge Matundanya the Secraitaire Executif of SOLIFEDE-RDC.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.