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Über uns

SoundAffects is a small charity, founded in 2008, with a big idea, to connect children of every age, on every continent, by recording their voices and making these recordings available to classrooms world wide.
We connect classrooms by recording the voices of children around the world, talking primarily in English about their daily lives, their dreams, and their concerns for the future. Then we take advantage of the latest audio technologies to make this regularly updated sound archive available to schools world wide.
Sound Affects aims to build this global resource by becoming a North/South partnership that will use the skills of international radio broadcasters and educationalists from every continent.

SoundAffects has divided its activities into two divisions.

• SoundAffects Education offers audio-based topics for UK schools, and the community of the world’s International Schools, with already recorded material from Ghana and Sri Lanka, as well as working to record new material from many other countries.
SoundAffects Education makes available professionally recorded audio material as an innovative educational resource to enhance the global citizenship curriculum in UK and International schools. Recordings of children in the global South discussing issues which affect their lives, ranging from climate change or fair trade, to family life, school or favorite pets, are issued in Topics with specified links to the new English curriculum. Recordings are supported by a few still images, transcripts, background notes, and simple structured lesson plans prepared by experienced education writers. The material provides a global dimension to a range of subjects including Geography, English and PHSE.

• SoundAffects Worldwide focuses on creating similar audio-based material to enhance and enliven the teaching of global perspectives in the classrooms of the South. It works with partners in the schools and educational organizations of the South and among interested Northern NGO`s and funders, to establish and deliver a comparable service of recordings that will enhance and supplement classroom teaching in Southern countries.
The aim is to make SoundAffects as useful and effective in the classrooms of Africa, Asia and the Middle East as we hope to be for children following the Global Dimensions curriculum of schools in the North. SoundAffects Worldwide will sustain and develop its work enhancing school partnerships, continuing to gather unique child driven recordings which allow young people themselves to exchange views about, and help set, the global agendas of the future

SoundAffects is currently working on two projects:
• SoundAffects is working with sixteen linked schools in Ghana and the UK. In the first phase project leaders are working directly with children in schools in the UK and in Ghana. In the second phase SoundAffects will hand-over the recording operation in country to Ghanaian radio journalists and thereby ensure the project is sustainable.
• SoundAffects is working with linked schools in Sri Lanka and the UK. The Sri Lankan schools are located in Matara district, in the south of the country, in an area devastated by the December 2004 Tsunami.

Angela Robson is the Director of SoundAffects.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.