Raza Educational and Social Welfare Society (RESWS)

Raza Manzil No.19/25, 4th Main Bismillah Nagar Bannerghatta Road
560 029 Bangalore

Ansprechpartner: Benazir Baig

+91 80 - 26786728; +91 9945024634


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Über uns

RAZA Educational & Social Welfare Society (RESWS), founded 1994, is a social organization dedicated to help the poor and deprived children and their families to overcome poverty, illiteracy and to attain a better standard of living.

RESWS is a registered organization with no religious or political affiliations. RESWS work at the grass roots with specific poor and illiterate communities through income generation and non-formal education programmes for the eradication of poverty and child labour.

The approach "development and not charity" is the basic motto of RESWS. We advocate change by creating a state in which the deprived see their own situation in an objective way, their rights and responsibilities as children, youth, women, families and as citizens.

Our objective is to address the rights and responsibilities of deprived and neglected street children, child labour, infants of very poor families and all poor women.

Our Vision
• To eradicate child labour and school drop out.
• To increase the number of literate women in the society.
• To provide good and high quality education at a low cost.
• To increase the number of women entrepreneurs in our society.

• Non Formal School-NCLP: The National Child Labour Project Scheme was started in 1988. RESWS has been fighting child labour for 16 years. We run Natonal Child Labour Program at our institution, where we train the drop outs in reading and writing skills and put them into our formal school-Excellent English School depending on their understanding and learning level.
• Excellent School: Our formal school is called EXCELLENT ENGLISH SCHOOL, Bangalore. The school is located amidst the IT hub with around 600 students. The school conducts classes from kindergarten to X std under State Syllabus. The high school has the facility of smart classes. Extra curricular activities are always encouraged and we also have a cultural, arts and sports team. The school encourages children to learn computers and other life skills.
• Vocational Training: We train over 115 students in computer, spoken english and tailoring skills, embroidery.. We are currently running the 6th batch.
• Excellent Vocational Finishing School: Raza is marching towards another milestone by starting Entrepreneurship programmes for youth so that they can start their own business on a small scale basis. Raza has tied up with Scotland youth School for this programme were in they train youths on various aspects of entrepreneurship, provide financial support for starting a business and also help them in overall management of business after starting the business.

Benazir Baig is the Founder Secretary of Raza Educational & Social Welfare Society (RESWS).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.

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