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Über uns

WePlant is a Non Government Organization, founded in 2012, that aims to reduce malnutrition and promote biodiversity through the simple act of planting fruit trees in public places, remote villages, river-side, mountains and valleys. WePlant is an action idea experimented by few inspired individuals who wanted to address the issues of malnutrition and hunger related death. Started as an experiment in one village in Kerala, at present planting events are conducted at over 500 locations where nearly 40,000 fruit trees are planted.

Our Vision
A World free from malnutrition and starvation death

Our Mission
Plant varieties of indigenous and location specific fruit trees in large number in every village and fill public land with fruit trees. Ultimately transform every village as Biodiversity park so that nutritious fruits are available in all villages and accessible to everyone including children.

What We Do
Fight malnutrition and starvation death by planting fruit trees in public places. Fruits to be available and accessible to all every season. WePlant provide NISHKAMAKARMA (doing something worthwhile not expecting anything in return) opportunity to one and all.

How WePlant?
WePlant work with school students and village youth volunteers. WePlant makes fruit-tree saplings available for the students to plant and nurture to make their school a biodiversity campus. WePlant work with one village at a time transforming every village as a biodiversity park. Work-Camps are organised by WePlant where students and volunteers plant fruit trees in public places.
Role of WePlant includes
• Identify public locations where fruit trees could be planted
• Inspire volunteers to involve in nishkamakarma and train them the art of planting and nurturing fruit trees.
• Insure good quality fruit-tree saplings for planting on work camps

Where WePlant?
• Government School/college/training institute/ University campuses - Work camps are organised in government schools where identified student volunteers with the supervision of teachers plant and nurture fruit trees in the campus.
• Rural Villages - Transforming India, one village at a time. WePlant volunteers and staff work closely with Village head and Youth and plant fruit trees in all the common location like roads, around water bodies, burial ground and around play ground.
• Mountain side - Hills and mountains are adopted by WePlant based on the availability of resources and volunteers. Majority of the hills in India has enough space to plant thousands of trees. WePlant makes it compulsory to plant fruit trees, that ensure food to honeybees, birds and animals. More trees on mountain also help in reviving natural water streams.
• River side - Large number of fruit trees are planted on banks of rivers with an intention to revive the dying trees. More trees across rivers enhance the water level and activates the current and flow.
• Public Parks - Eucalyptus occupy most of the public land space in India. This situation is changing. At present people are taught the value of planting fruit trees to enhance biodiveristy and sustain flora and fauna.

Himanshu Chanda is the Administrator of WePlant India.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.