George Abraham

Score Foundation 17/107, Lower Ground Floor Vikram Vihar Lajpat Nagar - 4
110024 New Delhi

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Über uns

George Abraham is an inspirational speaker who overcame disability: He lives a life of passion, fun and excitement. The founding Chairman of the World Blind Cricket Council (WBCC) and the Association for Cricket for the Blind in India (ACBI), he is also the founder of the SCORE Foundation in New Delhi that helps several visually impaired people live their life on their own terms by providing them with employment and teaching them new skills.

His philosophy
Breaking Down Barriers of the Mind: Often, the biggest obstacles are situated in our own minds. It is our thinking that suggests "what we can do and what we cannot do". It is our mind that determines our understanding of our own potential and limits.

His activities:
• He has been travelling and sharing his story with business schools, college students, corporate executives, thought leaders, legal professionals, ophthalmologists and so on across India.
• He talks about potential, possibilities, inclusion, Universal thinking, and leadership.

About him:
• Post Graduate in Operations Research/Graduate in Mathematics from St Stephen´s College, Delhi
• Worked with Ogilvy Benson & Mather and Advertising & Sales Promotion Co for nearly 10
• Launched the National Cricket programme for the blind in India in 1990 with the organising of the inaugural National Cricket tournament at New Delhi.
• Setup the World Blind Cricket Council in 1996 and was its Founding President. Launched the first ever World Cup of cricket for the Blind at New Delhi in 1998. Organised the 2nd World Cup in 2002 at Chennai.
• Co-authored a book on Inclusive Education which was published by Sage Publications in 2004
• Elected as an Ashoka Fellow in 2001. Declared Limca Book of Records People of the year 2007. Awarded the Sanskriti Award in 1994. Ran with the Olympic Torch at Atlanta in 1996. Was featured on Discovery Channel´s series "Discovery People". Was featured on the "Aviva Forward Thinkers" campaign and was featured on Paul Murten´s travel show "Paul Murten in India".
• Launched Project Eyeway as single stop Knowledge resource on "ife with Blindness" in 2003 comprising website, radio programme, helpdesk and advocacy.
• Conceived and produced the 13 episode Television Show Nazar Ya Nazariya for broadcast on DD National with support from QED Productions and Sightsavers UK. The programme introduced by Naseeruddin Shah focuses on possibilities that there are in a life with blindness.
• Was a member of the Steering Committee (socially vulnerable/marginalised groups) of the11th/12th 5 year plans (Planning Commission, Govt of India ).
• Help setup the Low Vision Centre at the Dr.Shroff´s Charity Eye Hospital in 2000.
• Passions include Public Speaking/communications, Sports,Reading, Music
• Now launching himself as an Inspirational Speaker: sharing experiences, ideas, thoughts and an understanding of life with varied audiences across India.
• Magiktouch: In 2004, Abraham along with a friend Navroze Dhondy established Magiktouch Talent Management PVT LTD to identify, groom and promote musicians who are visually impaired. Concerts have been organised at New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Washington and Amman.
• Disability rights movement: Abraham actively participated in the movement that campaigned for the Persons With Disability Act 1995 in India and the inclusion of disability in the 2001 Indian National Census.
• Community outreach: George Abraham was involved in the establishment of the Vision Enhancement Center at the Shroff´s Charity Eye Hospital, New Delhi helping individuals with low vision. This also included the development of the Pediatric Ophthalmology Rehabilitation Programme in the Alwar district of Rajasthan

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