Neo Minds Youth Organization (NMYO)


Ansprechpartner: Joel Saitot Kelvin

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Über uns

Neo Minds Youth Organization (NMYO) is a non-governmental organization founded in 2013 by service minded and dedicated youth of Arusha district.

We aim to impart skills and knowledge to young people through developing several projects which will help and support them to be productive members of the society. We believe in the power of education to help young people create a future where they can live their potential.

To improve the quality of life for oppressed, disadvantaged, and marginalized youth.
To provide support, build capacity, and integrate young people into mainstream society who have traditionally been suppressed in personal, social, economic and political domains.

• To eradicate illiteracy among young people.
• To reduce poverty by improving economic status of young people through income generation activities.
• To improve health status of communities through health education, environmental cleanliness, and increasing access to primary health centers in remote villages.
• To organize youth into self help groups and develop their leadership qualities to facilitate making decisions at personal and social levels.
• To inculcate the habit of thrift (savings) and credit among target groups.
• To promote gender equality.
• To organize street open events to expose young people talents.

Major Activities
• Health care activities in rural villages include free health camps and awareness programs.
• Vocational training: Programs are organized for unemployed youth to build their skills and make them profitable.
• Training programs for groups of 10 young people include computer and music.
• Library for youth: Arusha is having only one regional library. We provide library services to young people during the week where they can build their skills in reading.
• Women´s development program: Organizing women into self-help groups, promotion of savings and credit activities, and small businesses development through micro-finance in Sekei, Arusha.

Current Projects in Neo Minds
• The current project is to train young people in five colleges in Arusha about public debate format and at last have a competition among them and also organizing women into self-help groups, promotion of savings and credit activities, and small businesses development through micro-finance in Sekei, Arusha.
• Audio Recording Program for Talented Youth (Jitokeze): Every Month we do auditions for young talented people and record songs with them plus doing media advertisements to expose them.
• Neo Library: Neo minds provide Library services to more than 500 secondary and university students in Arumeru district every month.

Joel Saitot Kelvin is the Director of the Neo Minds Youth Organization (NMYO).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.