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Über uns

Named after the North Star that guided slaves towards freedom along the Underground Railroad, Polaris Project has been providing a comprehensive approach to combating human trafficking and modern-day slavery since 2002 and to strengthening the anti-trafficking movement through a comprehensive approach.

Polaris Project is a leading organization in the United States combating all forms of human trafficking and serving both U.S. citizens and foreign national victims, including men, women, and children. We use a holistic strategy, taking what we learn from our work with survivors and using it to guide the creation of long-term solutions. We strive for systemic change by advocating for stronger federal and state laws, operating the National Human Trafficking Resource Center hotline and providing services to help our clients and all victims of human trafficking.

Our programmatic strategy is grounded in an analysis of human trafficking as a market-based phenomenon driven by two primary factors: low risk and high profit. We believe that we can end modern-day slavery by reaching a tipping point where human trafficking becomes a high risk, low profit endeavour.

• National Human Trafficking Hotline: Operating the central 24-hour national human trafficking hotline for the United States which disseminates innovative anti-trafficking trainings and materials to community members, law enforcement, and field practitioners across the country as well as offers around-the-clock access to a safe space to ask for help, seek services, and report tips.
• Policy Advocacy: Functioning as a central hub of human trafficking legislative expertise.
• Client Services: Offering comprehensive clinical social services, including transitional housing, job training, mental health therapy, and crisis response for victims of all forms of human trafficking through specialized local field offices.
• Training & Technical Assistance: Providing counter-trafficking strategies and promising practices to local, national, and international audiences through direct trainings and consultations, curriculum and materials development, and on-line training forums.
• Public Outreach & Communications: Creating social change and fostering awareness of human trafficking by leveraging traditional mass media and online social networking.
• Fellowship Program: Offering intensive training and practical experiences in a unique leadership development program focused on cultivating future leaders in the anti-trafficking movement.
• International Programs: Enchancing the global fight against trafficking by drawing upon lessons learned from our programmatic efforts in the United States and Japan.
• Campaigns: Engineering strategic campaigns to apply targeted pressure against criminal trafficking networks and the enabling support structures that allow human trafficking to flourish.

Andrea Austin is the Program Manager of the Public Outreach and Communications Department of the Polaris Project.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.