Dorobo Fund for Tanzania Inc.

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Ansprechpartner: Daudi Peterson


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Über uns

Daudi Peterson grew up in Tanzania and carried out pioneering studies of
wildlife distributions in the pastoralist landscape of the Maasai Steppe
during the 1970s, before founding Dorobo Safaris with his brothers Mike
and Thad in the 1980s. They established the Dorobo Fund for Tanzania, a U.S. 501c3 nonprofit organization licensed in Minnesotaa, which helped found the Ujamaa-Community Resource Trust in the late 1990s as a way of addressing rural conservation challenges, local livelihoods, and community empowerment in an integrated and grassroots manner.

In Tanzania the Dorobo Fund supports the vision for a sustainable future by:
• helping indigenous and local communities to secure rights to their land and natural resources
• facilitating sustainable resource management by communities directly dependent on land resources
• promoting livelihood options that respect culture and environment
• engaging villages in the issues of limits – population growth and consumption
• funding education for disadvantaged and minority groups – future leaders of the community
• supporting women in education and their rights to be a part of the political and economic process
• funding various individual programs that relate to all of the above or respond to a specific need
• promoting wilderness as an economic option for communities but also for its inherent value

The Dorobo Fund for Tanzania is the funding mechanism for supporting these initiatives. In Tanzania, this work is carried out by The Ujamaa Community Resource Trust (UCRT )

The UCRT works to empower communities to secure the legal rights over their lands and natural resources. Its Mission is to promote and enhance community capacity to improve their livelihoods and sustainably manage their natural resources.

The core programmes of UCRT:
• Land Rights Activities
• Community Natural Resource Management
• Community Capacity Building
• Lobbying and Advocacy
• Education Support: UCRT provides secondary and tertiary scholarships for students from poor families from pastoralist and hunter-gatherers. They also have a special program of educational support for the Hadzabe and Akie hunter-gatherer communities.
• Institutional Capacity Building: UCRT promotes reproductive health issues including family planning and HIV/AIDs mainstreaming.

The Dorobo Fund supports these projects:
• Olasiti Orphan Center: The mission of Olasiti Center Project is to foster education, youth leadership, and provide a safe, supportive community. After-school programming includes school tutoring, mentoring, environmental studies and organic farming, HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention clinics, art club, birding club, and a pre-school. Income-generating projects include art and handicrafts sales, pig rearing, and farming. Additional community spin off programs include a woman’s organic gardening project, an AIDS support group and a community center.
• Simanjiro Easement: An agreement between a coalition of NGO’s, tour operators and the Maasai community and the farmers, that over 23,000 acres of key grassland habitat will not be used for farming or settlement for an annual payment of money.
• Maziwe Island: The Maziwe Project has brought together key stakeholders - Local fishermen, Government bodies, and Tourist businesses- to work together towards the common goal of protecting Maziwe's unique reef system.

Daudi Peterson is a Trustee of the Dorobo Fund.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.