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Über uns

Good Neighbour Service Association (GONESA) is a non profit making Non Governmental Organization (NGO) established at 1999 in Kaski District of Nepal. GONESA was promoted by a group of social workers representing different sectors of society such as teachers, businessman, lawyers, journalists with the aim of assisting national development by extending essential services such as education, basic health and advocacy for human rights and democracy.

Our vision is to develop a healthy society, which guarantees basic human rights to all sectors of society, regardless of gender, caste, religious or political affiliation

Our goal is to assist the national development by raising awareness and providing services on education, health, livelihood enhancement and capacity development to the socially and economically marginalized groups including children and women

• Early Childhood Development program (ECDP): GONESA has established 25 Child Care and Development Center in slum areas of Pokhara Sub-Metropolitan City and surrounding villages in coordination with the local communities. Each center, built inside the slum, has a class with an attached kitchen where 2 teachers give regular classes and prepare a hot meal. Every child benefits also of a complete health assistance: a health post with a permanent nurse and visiting doctors conduct routine check ups and treat the sick children.
• Children at School Program (CASP): This program helps those needy and poor children who – after completion of informal education from Child Care and Development Centers – are unable to enroll at school due to acute poverty. Their school fees are paid and they also receive necessary materials like school uniforms, books and stationeries. Besides, they also get health care and psychosocial counseling facilities from the organization.
• School Sponsorship Program (SSP): This program takes care of extreme cases of orphan or semi-orphan children in utterly pure and desperate conditions. It provides education and health services (both physical and psychological) to them. Children who don´t have their immediate parents or relatives including street children are admitted to hostels where they get education.
• Gonesa Saving and Credit Program (GSP): There are many reasons for the children becoming involved in the child labor including family conflict and abuse but the driving factor behind all that is mainly poverty. For this reason, the program has established and supported the formation of women groups and saving /credit schemes in city slums to improve saving behavior, create capital through small scale saving among the women and provide income generating
• School Education Program (SEP)
• Water Supply & Sanitation Program (WSSP): Some slum communities have very poor drinking water supply. Scarcity of water creates adverse effect for health and sanitation and children frequently get waterborne diseases. Therefore GONESA provides financial and technical support for water supply schemes such as latrine construction support, waste management scheme, and training on basic health and awareness.

Ram Subedi is the General Secretary at the Good Neighbour Service Association (GONESA).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.