Namsaling Community Development Centre (NCDC)

Self Reliant, Equitable and Inclusive Society

Postal Code : 977, Dhobidhara

Ansprechpartner: Pravesh Prasad Chapagain

+977 (0)27-520411; +977 (0)27-520792
+977 (0)27-520792


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Über uns

Namsaling Community Development Centre (NCDC) is a non governmental, non-profit making organization founded in 1984 to facilitate initiatives in community self- reliance by mobilizing collective action toward sustainable livelihoods.

NCDC has adopted following strategies to implement its activities in the community.
• Community empowerment through social mobilization and institutionalization of the participatory planning process at local level.
• Coordination and cooperation with stakeholders at all levels and with local, national, international NGOs and other institution.
• Provide priority to the program for women, children and disadvantaged group and suppressed group.
• Encourage private sector and involve them in development intervention activities to provide quality services.
• Conduct developmental activities in partnership with local and related stakeholders giving utmost consideration to the environmental aspect.

NCDC has established a resource centre in Ilam and the Development Fund, Norway has been providing tremendous support to this endeavour. The objectives of resource centre are to provide better services, expertise, consultancy, technology, and trainings etc. in sustainable development sectors for the wide range of customers including I/N/GOs, CBOs, local government, community, and private sectors.

• Good governance and decentralization (Sustainable development planning of VDC and DDC)
• Renewable energy (feasibility study and installation of pico and micro-hydro; installation of solar, improved cooking stoves; energy planning)
• Environment management (climate change, biodiversity conservation, waste management, environment planning etc)
• Community health and safe water (drinking water source protection, health training/campaign, waste water management, drinking water supply)
• Sustainable agriculture (organic farming, Nasabike manure/agri-medicine, farmers field school, agriculture research, and location specific agri. tech. development)
• Information and communication (telemedicine/medical education, geographic information system)
• Socio-economic (survey research, data analysis, social analysis, applied research)
• Human resource development (trainings, voluntary work, exchange program, exposure visit)
• Organization strengthening (capacity building, institutional assessment)

Pravesh Prasad Chapagain is the Coordinator of the Namsaling Community Development Centre (NCDC).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.