Swat Youth Front (SYF)

opposite GPS, Haji Baba, Mingora Swat
NWFP Pakistan-1913010

Ansprechpartner: Badar Zaman

+92 946723388
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Über uns

Swat Youth Front (SYF) is a Non-Governmental, non-political and no ethnic organization. It is working for the socio-economic development of the inhabitants of district Swat. SYF was established in 1997. The main purpose of SYF is to bring changes in policies with the help of the locals that can lead them towards the prosperous life. The NGO took initiative for gender development in March 1999 for the first time.

SYF's vision: Swat Youth Front strives in partnership with community, public & civil society organizations, to develop a just, peaceful and prosperous society, where all have equal access to opportunities irrespective of gender, colour, race, religion and status.

Mission statement: We are a youth organization with a vision of promoting human development of the disadvantaged communities with a gender perspective.


- To promote socio-economic empowerment of the underprivileged.
- To promote gender awareness and sensitivity.
- To narrow gender gaps in health, education and economic participation.
- To promote volunteerism in youth for effective change.

Type of Projects: Service Delivery; Communication; Advocacy; Training.

Major activities:

- 45 Non-Formal Basic Education Schools.
- 3 Public Private Collaboration (PPC) Inter Girls Colleges at Charbagh, Mingora and Gwalerai, district swat.
- A School of Arts (Women Skills Development Center), Charbagh.
- A Mother Child Healthcare Center (MCH) Kandaw, Charbagh, Swat.
- Women IT Zones in Mingora, Barikot and Charbagh Swat.
- Learning Institute for Employment (LIFE) at Mingora Swat.
- Advocacy campaigns on different socio-economic and gender issues.

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Further we can offer expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work. Other supporting possibilities: networking, experience sharing and information dissemination.