Nalini Foundation

Nirmal Baag, Post Box 1
Pune 411009

Ansprechpartner: Ugar, Prof. Narayen



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Über uns

Nalini Foundation is a non-profit organization, initiated in 1983 by Prof. Narayen Ugar, with an objective to encourage, create and develop interest in information technology. Nalini Foundation has a team of educators who have developed an unbeatable combination of technical, managerial and people skills. The wide range of their specialties includes environment, health, education, science and engineering, human resource development, social engineering and information technology. Nalini Foundation is involved in undertaking the following major activities:

- Education for the Have Nots - Pune is considered as home of education in India. It is surrounded by hilly areas with farm labour families with poor educational facilities for their children. The transportation facilities are poor hence children miss their classes during rainy season. Girls help parents in household work and are discouraged to attend schools. Majority of girls leave education as drop outs.
- Library - Nalini Foundation has over 3000 books and a large number of periodicals pertaining to information technology. Improved system for storing the printed material, floppy disks and CDs is needed along with internet facilities for students.
- Problem Solving Literature - Nalini Foundation is commited to making problem solving process an enjoyable event for children. In this context, Nalini Foundation is working on developing educational material for teachers using the educational technology tools facilitating the teaching learning process so as to provide the teachers more time towards all-round development of the children.
- Multi-lingual Technology Initiative - Nalini Foundation is envisaging use of Indian languages on computers since last couple of decades or over. The editors for Indian languages available today are not text editors. They are more symbol managers. After long pursuits with linguists, systems analysts and students, the Foundation has designed the pilot version of the first de facto Multi-lingual editor.

Nalini Foundation has adopted schools in Panshet area run by Rachana Society for Social Reconstruction Pune.

For other net participants we offer overnight facilities. Further we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information, deliver a lecture and establish new contacts in the following fields: human resource development, system monitoring and evaluation. We are also able to teach and mentor in Management Information Systems.