Nasaru Maasai children´s center (NMCC)

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Ansprechpartner: Anna Moinan Shinini

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Über uns

Nasaru Maasai Children´s Centre (NMCC) is a non-profit organization committed to the provision of diverse educational opportunities to the children of the pastoral community in Tanzania. "Nasaru" is a Maasai word meaning a place of rescue and savior. NMCC was founded in 2008 by individuals committed to establishing access to education for all pastoral children.

NMCC aims to create awareness among the pastoral communities and is active in the Simanjiro, Kiteto and Ngorongoro districts, in which most Maasai people are located. Led by NMCC Coordinator Anna Moinan Shinini, a woman from the Maasai community, the organization has taken the initiative to pioneer and foster education in these neglected communities.

The vision of NMCC is to provide the children of these communities with access to pre-primary and primary education.

The Mission statement
NMCC is a non-profit organization established to provide education to pastoral children via assistance with school fees, by facilitating access to schools and providing high quality education and child care.

This project aims to enable children from the Maasai communities to access high quality education opportunities starting at the pre-primary & primary levels. The project plans to do this by assisting with school fees, hosting them in a Children´s Centre and by facilitating their travels between the school and their homes. NMCC will also facilitate meeting other expenses like examination charges, uniforms and nurturing them through a qualified matron who will be employed to help the children.

NMCC will conduct community meeting to introduce the project and to sensitize the community and especially the parents to the educational needs of the children. Bi- annual meetings will be held between parents, children and NMCC so that progress can be evaluated by all. It will be the responsibility of NMCC to communicate with various primary schools and secure places for the children who are ready to enroll.

Specific objectives:
• To sensitize parents and children to education needs relevant to contemporary times.
• To facilitate the enrollment and upkeep of students in various pre-primary and primary schools in Arusha and Manyara regions.
• To monitor and evaluate the progress of students and convene regular monitoring meetings between parents and the students.
• To provide an avenue for collaborative partnerships between the various stake holders from the community, teachers and the government.
• To establish a children centre in Arusha town so that all the children are hosted, receive meals and extra curricula activities

Anna Moinan Shinini is the Coordinator of Nasaru Maasai Children´s Centre (NMCC).

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