Anjuman Nawjawanan Charsadda (ANC)

Mardan Road Charsadda
25000 Charsadda

Ansprechpartner: Basar Ali



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Über uns

Anjuman Nawjawanan Charsadda is a social, non-political, non-profit, non-government organization, established in 1988. It is working in the field of education, technical training, special education and women development, it is working for the social uplift, financial development and mental evolution of the downtrodden masses, especially for the youth. It is playing a multidimentional role in the achievement of its goals through the establishment of an information technology institute, typing and shorthand center, vocational training center for women and 18 community based model schools in district Charsadda and Mohmand Agency, along with other awareness, advocacy and time needed activities from time to time. Anjuman Nawjawanan Charsadda after having close interaction and working experience with the community realized the fact, that a large number of people are suffering from various disabilities.

Anjuman Nawjawanan Charsadda realized the need of establishing a center for the welfare and development of the deaf children in the district. In this context the organization took the initiatives, to establish a special education center for deaf children in the name of Muhammad Azam khan Special Education Centre for deaf children. The project is funded by TVO.

Objectives of the project:

- to provide facility of special education to special (deaf) children at the district level,
- to enable the special children to be self-supportive, self-dependent through their skill development,
- to enhance the capability of special children to play their role as effective citizens,
- to assist the poor families in the education of their special children,
- to facilitate the hearing-impaired (deaf) children to communicate with the community through total communication system.

Anjuman Nawjawanan Charsadda is also running a computer training institute and latest information technology equipped with the state of the earth technology, both for male/female since 1995. It is running two vocational Training centers providing skill training in sewing cutting, machine embroidery, hand embroidery to poor female students, enabling them to earn their livelihood in a respectful manner .This project is funded by Social Welfare department NWFP Peshawar (Pakistan).

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Further we can establish new contacts in the following fields: peace politics, environmental projects and HIV/AIDS. We can share our experience in the above mentioned fields with other net participants.