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Ansprechpartner: Edwyn Odeny Odhiambo

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Über uns

The Kenya Youth Foundation (KYF) is an indigenous, adult – led youth organization founded in 1998 by young Kenyan University Graduates. Since then the organization has been in the forefront fighting for the inclusion of youth in development.

Our Vision: A society where youth from all walks of life play their role in an enabling policy and development environment, so as to engage in self-sustaining socio-economic activities, with the focus of making the world a better place to live in.

Our Mission: To enhance effective participation of young people, women, children through capacity building, facilitation and role playing in social, governance and economic development initiatives through strengthening & analyses of own-generated ideas, proposals, experiences and in-built resources

Our strategic objectives:
• To enable young people & communities to seek political, social & economic justice in a peaceful & nonviolent manner.
• To strengthene capacities of the target youth & community groups for sustainable economic & social development.
• To enable individual youth, youth groups & community groups to create opportunities & wealth to ensure sustainable food & income security
• To build network with likeminded individuals & organizations towards empowerment of vulnerable youth & community groups
• To strengthen KYF´s independence and self-sustainability

Kibera Slum:
• YOBBPEK - Youth Building Bridges for Peace in Kibera: Aan initiative of the KYF & Kibera Community Youth Programme (KCYP) with support from The Catholic Agency for Overseas Development (CAFOD): We work for a united and peaceful Kibera, free from fear, conflict, violence and all forms of discrimination.
• KISOPP - Kibera Soccer For Peace Project: A project of the KYF with support from Global Goals [an U.K. Organization] that mainstreams football in peace building, conflict transformation and reconciliation.
• CSI – KIBERA - Capacity Strengthening Initiative in Kibera: The initiative was born out of the desire to address one of the main factors behind violence, crime and conflict, that is, poverty. It aimed at transforming the lives of the community members in Kibera.
Mathare Slum:
• AGERC – Angel Girls Rehabilitation Centre: An initiative of KYF that empowers young girls from Mathare to get access to education.
Kibera & Mathare Slumss:
• School Peace Clubs Project: A Project started to instill and nurture a peace culture in children, which as a ripple effect, will eventually create a peace culture in the community and society at large.
Western Kenya Region [Nyanza and Western Provinces]
• KERYLIP - Kenya Rural Youth Livelihood Strategies Programme: A project conceived to train and work with rural youth, by facilitating access to livelihood, through the practice of sustainable agriculture and better environment & natural resource management.

Edwyn Odeny Odhiambo is the Team Leader/Trustee Chairman of Kenya Youth Foundation (KYF).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.