Integrated Social Development Effort Bangladesh (ISDE Bangladesh)

House # 68 Road # 04; Block-B, Level-II
Chandgaon R/A, Chittagong-4212

Ansprechpartner: S M Nazer Hossain

031-2573035, 01713-110054, 01819-331752, 01190726358, 04433382351


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Über uns

Integrated Social Development Effort Bangladesh (ISDE-Bangladesh) is a Bangladesh based non-governmental, voluntary, social development organization devoted to reduction of poverty, hunger & effects of natural disaster, promotion of women human rights, political empowerment of women & girls, ethnic minorities and stop violence against & discrimination of women in Bangladesh since 1992.

Our mission is to facilitate socio-economic change in the lives of disadvantaged people, particularly women and children, in the southeast of Bangladesh through the promotion of income and employment generation activities, health services, education, peace building and awareness raising.

Establishing an positive environment for the hardcore and disadvantaged people particularly women and children to be able to get organized, enhance capacity & skill for demand and ensure access to their rights and basic services for social, political and economic empowerment.

Empowerment areas
• Social Empowerment: Social mobilization and Institution development; Development Education & awareness; Awareness raising on civic and basic legal rights; Making education system gender sensitive; Disaster Risk Reduction and Environment Development; Primary health care, personal health & hygiene, AIDS/STD, nutrition supplement
• Economic Empowerment: Capacity and skills development; Livelihoods improvement and assets building of women; Market extension for women and vulnerable segments of the society; Gender budget analysis; Increase access to public resources
• Political Empowerment: Strengthening local government mechanism and governance; Citizen friendly Electoral reform; Increased participations of women in socio and political institutions; Mainstreaming Women in politics

S M Nazer Hossain is the Executive Director of Integrated Social Development Effort Bangladesh (ISDE-Bangladesh).

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Also we can procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work. Information and experience from third world countries.