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Über uns

Pandas International was founded in 2000 by Suzanne Braden and Diane Rees following a trip to China and a visit to the Panda Center. Both women left China knowing that the pandas needed help. Pandas International was formed to inform people about the plight of the pandas and to raise money to fund the Panda Centers in their attempt to preserve this magnificent species.

The mission of Pandas International, a non profit organization, registered in 2000, is to ensure the preservation and propagation of the endangered Giant Panda by providing public awareness and education, research funding, habitat preservation and enhancement, and assistance to the China Conservation & Research Centers for the Giant Panda (CCRCGP).

Goals of Pandas International
Pandas International`s goals are to ensure that not one captive or wild panda is lost; that the species propagates and thrives; and, that their habitat is preserved in a responsible and sustainable manner.
The propagation and preservation of the Giant Panda will not only help ensure biodiversity, but will have a beneficial impact on the economic viability of the area through ecotourism, bamboo planting and harvesting by local villagers, and employment at the various Panda Centers in the region

Program Areas and Activities
• Medical Program & Direct Support of the Panda Reserves, including adoptions and bamboo reforestation.
• Pandas International continually works to inform and educate regarding the Giant Pandas.

Activities of Pandas International include:
• Continue to provide medical and veterinary equipment.
• Provide the annual supply of milk formula for cubs born and raised at the center.
• Support biodiversity by maintaining the Panda reserves and bamboo forests including assisting with the replanting, cultivation and harvesting of bamboo, the main food source of the Giant Panda, destroyed in the 2008 earthquake.

Long term Goals of Pandas International
• Assist with the rebuilding and supplying of the new Wolong Panda Centers.
• Fund advanced medical training to the Wolong Veterinary Staff.
• Support research projects to study disease prevention and treatment of wild and captive Giant Pandas.
• Fund a comprehensive research program to study the digestive problems common to young pandas.
• Aid efforts to reintroduce pandas into the wild.

Andrea Muller is the Co-Assistant Director of Pandas International.

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