Liberian Networking Organization

Barnersville Township, Barnersville Estate, P.O.Box 444

Ansprechpartner: Zayee, Moses



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Über uns

The Liberian Networking Organization (LINO) was organized on October 21, 2003 at the Buduburam Refuges Camp. LINO integrates camp-based organizations under one common goal to enable them build their capacity in carrying out their objectives.

The aim and objectives are:

- the integration of community based organizations/non governmental organizations operating at the Buduburam Camp,
- to build the capacity of member organizations,
- to undertake sustainable development projects and provide counselling services,
- to educate the refugee populace on HIV/Aids, drugs abuse, child abuse, domestic violence etc.,
- to undertake peace building and conflict resolution projects.

The Liberian Networking Organization is a non-profit apolitical organization and a refugee-owned initiative and it would need support from outside.

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Further we can deliver a lecture in the field of community projects. We would be willing at any time to support other members in any way possible.