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Über uns

Mohispac Foundation is a non profit organization which connecting volunteers with local communities in their projects in Tanzania, Africa.
Mohispac Foundation was started since the year 2009 as a small initiative with 5 volunteers using home as the place of organizing their activities. We address the root causes of poverty from one-off assistance, community capacity building, development, advocacy and development in disaster management situations.
Mohispac Foundation concentrate on children, youth, girls, women, widow, elders, human rights, democracy, good governance, sports, environments, health and other so many services

To promote sustainable development in human resource development through capacity building in skills imparting and training to our members, grassroot communities and facilitation of cooperation among various stakeholders to create peace, brotherhood, good behavior, intelligent, confident and ability within the families.

To deals with poverty alleviation and improving life standard of the communities in health, agricultural sector, human right, democracy, good governance, environmental management conservation through the sustainable development activities within their social and cultural context.

• To enhance care support and advocate the children rights for marginalized orphans, vulnerable children, disabled, drug addicts children, street children, and single parent children.
• To develop and implement intervention strategies such as income generation activities to alleviate poverty and to decrease the need for people to engaged in environmental destruction.
• To develop and implement intervention strategies such as income generation activities to alleviate poverty and decrease the need for children to be engaged in risky behaviors.
• To preserve the environmental in hygiene, sanitation, infrastructure, construction and reconstruction of the dams, bore holes, storage tanks, canals, irrigation system and water system to improve green cover.
• To reduce child morbidity and mortality rates through enhancing the capacity of the community to protect children from illness and through improving health services in all health facilities.
• To educating Tanzania communities to conserve ecosystem through improvement in water retaining properties of soil and increase in vegetation cover.
• To provide civic and human right education to families and promote awareness and advocate women, children, widow, disabled, youth and elders.
• To work with volunteers and to create the spirit of volunteering within the young generation in Tanzania and worldwide to save those who are in needy through their volunteering.
• To provide training and workshop in order to impact skill that will enable children, women, widows, elders, youth to a better social, health and economic situation in Tanzania.
• To work in cooperation with others environmental stakeholders in conserve and in policy making through seminars, workshops, tour studies, lectures, conferences, working experiences exchanges with other institutions the better way to develop poor families.

Pastor Nziacharo Makenya is the Executive Director of the Mohispac Foundation.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.