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Über uns

WeForest is an international non-profit organization established in 2009 as a Belgian ASBL/VZW and incorporated as a 501(c)3 in the USA, with a team in the UK, Netherlands and France, dedicated to sustainable reforestation. Our main objective is to participate in countering global warming and promote the international movement to recover part of the forests which have disappeared.

The vision of WeForest is a cool, bio-diverse and reforested earth for everyone.

The mission of WeForest is creating and promoting a pioneer movement in large scale sustainable reforestation.

WeForest has an extraordinary global network. We are working with many other NGOs doing good in the world supported by many people and companies committed to growing this unstoppable movement.

We believe that in order to have a sustainable impact, the local communities need be involved and directly benefit from our planting activities. We train them in understanding the value of growing and protecting diverse forests. Our projects directly empower people to operate entrepreneurially by providing them with long term jobs and better living conditions.
To start a project we carefully select a local partner. We then ensure that the trees are planted according to our stringent requirements and that the area is protected as much as possible against potential grazing and clear cut logging. The land we restore is guaranteed for long term protection.
• Honduras: Mangrove restoration
• Brazil: From Seed to Seed - Rainforest Ecobank - From subsistence farming & cattle ranching to rainforest stewardship
• Ethiopia: Highland restoration in Ethiopia - Stopping erosion while fighting poverty
• Kenya: Reforesting Mount Kenya - Mount Kenya glaciers and forests - the source of water for the whole country.
• Tanzania: Restoring a degraded landscape whilst feeding and educating orphans - Transitioning the Kinesi Village Farmers to Permaculture
• Zambia Chembe: Restoring goes hand in hand with Conservation - Investment in eco-friendly infrastructure and the development of a permaculture training center; simultaneous repopulation of marsh buck and antelopes.
• Zambia Kamfinsa: Fruitful farming @ the Kamfinsa Prison - Combining socio-economic reinsertion with environmental stewardship is possible.
• Madagascar - a Hotspot of Biodiversity: Restoring the mangroves of the North-West of Madagascar
• India: Sirumalai Hills - Addressing population growth and environmental degradation
• The Philippines: Permaculture Reforestation - Reforesting an area of 3000 hectares and restoring the indigenous ecosystems. Working with the local tribes and the cooperating organizations to increase the health, education, income.

Marie-Noëlle Keijzer is the Chief Executive Officer of WeForest.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.

Woman working in nursery (Kenya project)
Seedlings (Kenya project)