Organization for Community, Child and Environment Development (OCCED/Nepal)

Rudramati Handigaun House No-3683; GPO Box : 23054
05 Kathmandu, Metropolitan City

Ansprechpartner: Dhan Kaji Shrestha



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Über uns

Organization for Community, Child and Environment Development, popularly known as OCCED/Nepal is established in 1999 with its registered office at Rudramati Handigaun, Kathmandu. It is a non-government, nonprofit, non-political and non-racial organization developed with a concept and vision of uplifting the community focusing child and women.

To support, build up and strengthen the under privileged communities by providing voluntary services focusing specially on the children, women and youths in their needy area with a vision of better tomorrow.

• To provide shelter to the destitute children with food, education and homely affection.
• To establish children homes in different parts of Nepal for the accommodation of the destitute and abandoned children.
• To seek family for the destitute children and undergo domestic and international adoption legally for their better tomorrow.
• To motivate and encourage youths on community development of their respective area.
• To motivate school children on conservation of environment by conducting reforestation, sanitation and hygiene program.
• To provide scholarship to the poor school children.
• To support children by empowering women by providing income generation opportunities.
• To support schools of rural area by providing physical supports like books, computers, tables, chairs etc.
• To provide support for the construction of school buildings and drinking water supply system to the school children and community.
• To support for the rehabilitation of the communities during natural calamities.

Programs and projects:
• Adoption
• Community Development
• Children´s Education Scholarships
• Empowering Women

Dhan Kaji Shrestha is the Chief Executive Officer of the Organization for Community, Child and Environment Development (OCCED/Nepal).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.