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Über uns

Omprakash Foundation, a US-based international non-profit working since 2005, is a free online platform that connects grassroots health, education, and environmental organizations in over 30 countries with a global audience of volunteers, donors, and classrooms that can learn from and support their work.
Omprakash is built on the idea that positive social change begins with human relationships.

We believe that personal relationships generate powerful learning and positive social change, so our biggest priority is facilitating beneficial connections between our Partner organizations and our broad network of volunteers, donors, and students around the world.

We offer online curricula and resources because we know this work isn´t easy or straightforward, and we want all members of our global community to be prepared and critically engaged. Our dedicated staff members have worked with grassroots organizations around the world, and provide personalized support to help volunteers and Partners make the most out of what our network can offer.

How it works:
• Join Our Global Community: Registering for Omprakash is as easy as supplying your email address or connecting with Facebook. Registration is completely free and we will never share your information. Once you´re registered, you can create a personal profile to introduce yourself.
• Connect with our Partners and Volunteers: Search our free database of pre-screened Partner organizations by location, area of focus, or dates of availability. Reach out to our administrative team, fellow volunteers and interns, and Partners for suggestions or support, and then apply for positions that match your skills and interests.
• Volunteer Abroad or Online: After you´ve been in contact with a Partner and have been accepted for a position, let the planning begin! If you´ll be traveling, visit our pre-departure checklist to ensure that you´ve taken the necessary steps. Feel free to reach out to former volunteers who can provide you with helpful suggestions and guidance.
• Share your experiences: Share your thoughts, questions, and experiences with a receptive global community. Stay engaged with us even after you´ve completed your project -- we welcome your articles, blog posts, pictures, suggestions, and more!

• Omprakash Education through Global Engagement: (EdGE) is a new initiative of Omprakash. At its core, EdGE is simply an extension and more deliberate actualization of the founding educational vision of Omprakash: to enable transformative learning experiences by facilitating human relationships that transcend social and political boundaries. However, by working more closely with universities than pre-existing Omprakash programs, EdGE works to present a more direct response to multiple emergent social problems: EdGE works to provide transformative educational experiences by bringing students into partnership with social actors and communities whose voices and perspectives have been historically marginalized and pushed to the edge of public awareness.

Willy Oppenheim is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Omprakash Foundation.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.