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Über uns

Japan for Sustainability is a membership-based non-profit organization. We share information on developments and activities originating in Japan that lead toward sustainability, with the aim of building momentum toward a sustainable path for the world.
Japan for Sustainability does the following activities:

- Provides a variety of information on the environment and sustainability, from Japan to the world, via our web site and e-mail magazines.
- Covers not only current developments but also traditional wisdom, craftsmanship and practices of day-to-day life, as well as local activities.
- Works to develop special partnerships with people in Asia, in order to cooperate to find paths toward sustainability in this region.
- Welcomes feedback and comments from overseas and shares them in Japan and with partners in Asia, so that we can improve efforts and activities in this region by learning from each other.
- Creates a vision for a sustainable Japan through discussion among various stakeholders.


Kids´ "Create Your Future" Website: JFS has launched their Kids´ "Create Your Future" Website with an aim to encourage children worldwide to take interest in and gain an understanding of environmental issues, and to think and act independently in response. Through this site, we emphasize the concept of taking a creative approach toward the realization of a more ecological future on our planet unrestrained by conventional ideas, and we aim to introduce innovative ways of thinking to support concrete methods for sustainable living.

The JFS Indicator Project: (JFS) has chosen 20 headline indicators for sustainability based on an analysis of over 200 data sets in several sustainability-related categories. This is the first ever numerical evaluation / trial calculation of national sustainability for Japan, undertaken by citizen volunteers through open discussion and study sessions to achieve a more sustainable Japanese society. The results obtained compared across time periods between 1990 vis-a-vis and a hypothetical perfect score of 100 projected for 2050 which is based on the model-"Japan in 2050, moving closer towards a sustainable society".

JFS Uses Green Power for Its Energy Requirements: The Green Power Certification System is a scheme in Japan that offers a new way for companies and organizations to voluntarily engage in energy conservation and environmental protection. Participants earmark their electricity consumption to be supplied from power produced from renewable energy, and do not have to invest directly in equipment and facilities. In return, they receive a Certificate of Green Power that certifies them for embracing the benefits of renewable energy, namely, energy conservation and the reduction of CO2 emissions.

For other net participants we can offer expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information, deliver a lecture and establish new contacts in the field of our work.

Japan for Sustainability website has over 2500 information articles since 2002 about ongoing initiatives toward sustainability in Japan