S H Z - Société des Handicapés de Zalau

Rue 22 Decembrie 1989, no. 69
450031 Zalau

Ansprechpartner: Rodica Marian

+40 260 610 605, +40 260 610 665
+40 260 610 605, +40 260 610 665


  • Sozialpolitik/behinderte Menschen
  • Frauenpolitik/feministisches Projekt
  • Übernachtungsmöglichkeiten

Über uns

The "Société des Handicapés de Zalau" (SHZ) was founded by a group of disabled persons and their families to help the disabled persons to become integrated, fight together for their rights and to make them known. SHZ was founded in April 1990. SHZ has more than 430 members.

SHZ developed more than 20 projects and programmes for them, mainly for disabled women and girls. At the moment, SHZ has have launched a project which is meant for the young disabled: CITO (Centre d'Intégration par Thérapie Occupationnelle = Centre of Integration Through Occupational Therapy) where 25 young people are enabled to practise productive trades. They get assistance to find a job and are supported one year after that.

SHZ is acknowledged to render supporting services in the centre and at home. Permanent physical rehabilitation takes place in the centre. The Society is instructed to evaluate the disabled person to find out what kind of work he/she can do. So the vocational assistants drafted a card index for a socio-lucrative evaluation, they use a text for the legal capacities.

Another project takes care of the prevention of the occurrence of handicaps. A new project addressed to children and adolescents with regard to their orientation and professional training. SHZ also wants to develop a transport project for the disabled with wheelchairs and with this intention to find funds to buy a minibus.

Rodica Marian is the president of the association SHZ, a handicapped person sitting in a wheelchair. She speaks fluently French, Italian and Hungarian.

As per agreement, we can offer overnight accommodations for other net participants. We are open for further partnerships, collaboration and we are sensitive to any kind of assistance and new ideas which might be able to support our activities, realizing that we as well have to make ourselves useful.