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Über uns

In 1984, Chris DeRose founded Last Chance for Animals (LCA), a national, nonprofit animal advocacy organization focused on investigating, exposing, and ending animal exploitation.
Last Chance for Animals (LCA) is a national, non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating animal exploitation through education, investigations, legislation and media attention. The organization believes that animals are highly sentient creatures who exist for their own reasons independent of their service to humans; they should not be made to suffer for the latter. LCA therefore opposes the use of animals in food and clothing production, scientific experimentation, and entertainment. Instead, it promotes a cruelty-free lifestyle and the ascription of rights to non-human beings.

Since its formation in 1984, Last Chance for Animals (LCA) has succeeded as one of the nation´s pioneer animal advocacy organizations.
LCA´s Special Investigations Unit (SIU) has worked with prosecutors nationwide to put animal abusers behind bars.
LCA´s educational and public outreach programs have empowered the public to make positive changes for the animals in their own communities.

Last Chance for Animals works on a variety of animal rights issues, and is committed to disseminating truthful information about animal abuse in today´s society in order to improve the manner in which animals are treated worldwide.
• Vivisection, Class B Dealers & Pet Theft
• Ban Puppy Mills
• Animals In Entertainment: LCA strongly opposes the use of animals in entertainment. Animals have their own needs, interests, and rights, especially the right to engage in their natural behaviors in their natural habitat.
• Elephant Sanctuaries – Not Captivity!: LCA´s campaign is aimed at educating the public about the needs of elephants and putting an end to elephants in captivity.
• Fur: LCA´s Fur-Free campaign is aimed at encouraging consumers to shop cruelty free and to show retailers compassion is the fashion!
• Ban Live Export
• Animal Cruelty = Human Cruelty
• Air France Monkey Business
• Ag Gag Laws: States of Disgrace
• Foie Gras - An Appetite for Cruelty!

Nina Hauptman is the Campaign Director of Last Chance for Animals (LCA).

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