Zinduka Development Initiatives Forum (ZDIF)

P.o. Box 422
Bunda, Mara

Ansprechpartner: Maxmillian Emmanuel Madoro

+255 764 211 210; +255 786 585 008; +255 786 704 192


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Über uns

ZINDUKA – means "WAKE – UP".
The Zinduka Development Initiatives Forum (ZDIF) is a local Tanzanian based Non profit organization founded in 2002 and dedicated to improve the living conditions and educate the impoverished people in rural Tanzania for a better tomorrow.

Our mission
To improve the living conditions and educate the impoverished people in rural Tanzania, that advances their well-being for a better tomorrow.

Our vision
We envision rural families to be free from ignorance, illiteracy, injustice, poverty, preventable and curable diseases.

• Education: ZDIF helps orphans and other most vulnerable children in Bunda District attend school for their better tomorrow. Because of poverty, Zinduka provides school uniforms, school supplies to all sponsored children in all levels, school fee for secondary, English medium and vocational training colleges.
• Construction: ZDIF in collaboration with US - Organization Project Zawadi raise funds for construction projects for the community. These projects help the people to make possible of availability of classrooms, dormitories, School toilets and teachers´ quarters in order to provide students and their teachers get conducive places to live in and make them perform very well in their studies and teaching duties.
• Micro business loans: ZDIF has detected that, the rural women act as family machines which work all the time in caring of kids, farms, health and school issues, clothing as well as rearing of tamed animals. They have no time to rest the whole day they are so much busy, while their husbands do just half of all.
• Vocational Training: ZDIF opened the fully modern Zinduka Vocational Training Center (VTC) with significant financial support from Project Zawadi. It also conducts the first ever computer lab and provides introductory computer skills training to students and local residents. It is a fully modern facility with a theory and training workshop, Library, and student Hostel.
• Rain water harvest program: ZDIF is also planning to establish a Rain water harvest program in order to save safe drinking water for families. As we have selfish water from under ground wells, families need fresh water for drinking. We expect to initiate this program by helping families build their own water tanks.
• Gardening Program: ZDIF also have established a gardening program for twelve small scale gardeners around Nyamuswa and Makongoro villages.
• Health program: ZDIF in collaboration with Malaika Project (USA) Launch a modern health clinic at Nyamuswa Town-ship, namely Malaika Dispensary in March 2014. We also work in health services, where we educate the community in malaria, HIV/AIDS, TB and about water borne diseases as well as education on how to avoid having big families by using family planning policies, etc.
• English teaching Program: English language in rural areas is big problem for communication skills. About 95% of rural dwellers only speak Tanzanian national language Kiswahili, which mostly don’t allow them communicate with English speakers.
• Zinduka Sports for all: In order to make sure the community relax well after hard working, Zinduka has initiated this program this year, just to allow teenagers (boys and girls) participate in soccer ball and netball.

Maxmillian Emmanuel Madoro is the Executive Director of Zinduka Development Initiatives Forum (ZDIF).

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Also we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.