Netzkraftbewegung - The Meeting Place for Volunteer Consultants and Clients

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Ansprechpartner: Martin, Norman

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Über uns

As with any meeting, in your village, council, cafe, home, wherever, on this web site you can discuss your ideas, suggest projects and meet people with experience who can help!

Get support for your organisation or project!

Newtraid© works on a voluntary basis and consultants give their time freely, so it will be understood that this help is directed at those organisations that cannot afford to hire consultants at normal commercial rates and support less developed communities by providing employment, improving social, health and environmental provision locally. The offer of support is given without regard to national boundaries, race or creed.

Use your skills and experience to help organisations to benefit their local communities!

Many volunteers are experienced professionals in a wide range of disciplines but it's almost certain that whatever your experience and knowledge, someone, somewhere needs your input. We are always looking for new volunteers to help to widen the scope of the support Newtraid© can offer.

The vision:

- Gather a group of skilled and experienced volunteer consultants who would freely give their knowledge and time to worthwhile causes and projects.
- Provide support to any individual or organisation that has ideas that will benefit their local community and cannot afford commercial consultancy.
- Provide an on-line meeting place where Consultants can meet potential clients and share their knowledge, skills and experience.

For other net participants we can offer expert guidance through trained staff, deliver a lecture and procure expert information in the following field: use of the web and email to give support. We look forward to supporting any net participants and welcoming new volunteers from them. There must be a deep well of experience and knowledge in the net participants.