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Über uns

Flying Kites Oasis provides impoverished orphanages with a business model they can utilize to operate effectively and increase the level of care they provide to orphaned children. To accomplish this goal, we have established a team of non-profit directors to meet with other orphanage leaders, offering an initial review of their organizations and immediate recommendations to improve upon their current structure.

We will facilitate roundtables, workshops, and conferences to foster collaboration among children’s homes and promote professional development. The Oasis website will offer resources for orphanages to use and provide a forum where staff can discuss concerns and reach out for input from other organizations. We make website templates, policy handbooks, and fundraising materials available to participating orphanages, and volunteers who apply to work at our Academy are required to spend time assisting nearby children’s homes. The Oasis Program has garnered much positive attention from the Nairobi City Council’s Department of Child Welfare and we are currently surveying 89 Nairobi orphanages, from which we will select 20 homes to pilot this, the second phase of the program.

Our vision to unite child aid organizations throughout Kenya has garnered positive attention from the Nairobi City Council’s Department of Child Welfare and we look forward to working with them to develop the Oasis model over the coming years.

Oasis has formed a number of significant partnerships with local and international organizations that are helping us provide access to resources and care. The Divinity Foundation helped organize a free clinic, where over 350 children in the Oasis program had access to checkups, immunizations and antibiotics. Oasis has also partnered with the Mwelu Foundation, a photography program begun by Julius Mwelu, a former street child, puts digital cameras in the hands of children in the slums, allowing them to both document their daily life and learn a valuable trade.

In 2010, Flying Kites Oasis began laying the groundwork for the implementation of its program in Delhi. Oasis established a presence in the city, conducting needs assessment surveys with local orphanages, registering Flying Kites as a trust in India and developing strategic partnerships.

Hannah Wesley serves as Oasis’ US program director, working to raise money and awareness and seek strategic partnerships to support Frannie Noble in Kenya.

For other net participants we can establish new contacts in the field of our work.