National Community Radio Forum NCRF

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  • Antirassismus, Integrationspolitik
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Über uns

The National Community Radio Forum (NCRF) was launched on December 1993, in Orlando, Soweto, in order to lobby for the diversification of the airwaves in South Africa, and to foster a dynamic broadcasting environment in the country through the establishment of community radio stations. NCRF is a national, member-driven association of community radio stations and support service organisations. Radio station members are independent non-profit community based organisations. The stations are owned and run by diverse local communities who actively participate in the development of programming activities for sustainable, non-discriminatory local development. Its vision is a sustainable and independent community radio sector in South Africa. It builds grassroots democracy by mobilising all communities to engage in their own development and enables the expression of the diverse voices of civil society, through access to the airwaves and participation in the programming of radio stations. NCRF does this by:

- providing information and advice to membership,
- representing the collective interests of members,
- creating structures and systems that encourage community radio stations to share experiences, skills, best practice models and resources.

Its objectives are:

- promote the ideas, principles and role of community radio, as integral parts of the broadcasting environment of a democratic South Africa,
- promote the participation of historically disadvantaged communities in all levels of community radio,
- for other facilitate the establishment and development of community radio stations across the country.

For other net participants we can procure an expert information in the field of our work. Further we can offer communication for social change, digital broadcasting policy and ICT policy including internet governance.