Ride Planet Earth

The story of a journey to start Cycle Change and stop Climate Change

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Ansprechpartner: Kim Paul Nguyen

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Über uns

Australian social worker and documentary filmmaker Kim Nguyen has undertaken an epic bicycle journey across the continents from Australia to Denmark, to raise awareness about the impact of Climate Change on the Developing World and promote sustainable solutions to this environmental crisis. This project named RidePlanetEarth.

The Ride Planet Earth Campaign, founded in 2008, is promoting behaviour change, focusing on sustainable transport and travel, as part of the action necessary to fight dangerous climate change. Fossil fuel based transport and travel accounts for roughly 35% of industrialised nations’ carbon emissions. Therefore addressing this issue is key to ensuring a safe and stable climate.

Ride Planet Earth is also raising awareness about the impact of climate change on communities in the non-industrialised world. We believe increased awareness leads to change, as people realise the potential impact their actions can have on vulnerable communities on the other side of the planet.
Environments of the non-industrialised world have been subject to systematic and unchecked exploitation by industrialised countries from colonisation to the 21st Century. Environments and communities in Africa, Asia and Latin America have been devastated for decades by the unsustainable use of natural resources for the benefit of the Industrialised World, but these communities now face an even greater threat.

Climate Change is hitting the world’s poorest and most vulnerable first and hardest. Despite the fact it has been caused almost exclusively by greenhouse gases emitted to maintain the excesses of the Industrialised World.

The Ride Planet Earth Campaign raises awareness of the issues facing these communities, not protected by governments, insurance companies and advanced technologies, in the hope that the Industrialised World will realise change must start now. Change from governments, big business, communities and individuals.

We promote solutions; transport alternatives; socially and environmentally ethical consumption; sustainable production and renewable energy sources.
The Ride Planet Earth Collective is made up of people all over the globe undertaking sustainable travel, adventuring, climate change research and solution promotion.

We are working together to gather and disseminate information about the impacts of and solutions to Climate Change and other Social and Environmental Abuses. The use of sustainable transport necessitates getting to know the landscapes and people of each continent in far greater detail than conventional air and land travel. That means members of the Collective have a unique opportunity to discover the impacts of human actions on the world and its people, hearing stories and seeing situations that are rarely noticed by others. It also means they are able to find out about the solutions being utilised by a range of communities (e.g. indigenous, rural, isolated, alternative…) that otherwise might be over-looked.

Kim Nguyen is the founder of RidePlanetEarth.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.