War Effects Organisation (WEO)


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Über uns

War Effects Organisation (WEO), founded in 2008, is a Not for Profit, Non-political and Non-religious Educational Relief and Development Organization with its head offices located in Lira District, Northern Uganda in the Republic of Uganda. WEO is NGO that aims to assist vulnerable children through the provision of educational support, both formal and skills training, psychosocial-therapy, and health care.

Vision: A better tomorrow actively managed by a fully empowered youth and the children

To provide a frame work that will empower orphans and valuable children (OVC) and the youth through Education, psycho social support, Education and economic developments.

Aims and Objectives
• To promote and protect the fundamental right of youth and valuable children.
• To promote the social welfare of youths and orphans through capacity building.
• To support families with extremely vulnerable youths and vulnerable children
• To restore communal work culture and the spirit of voluntarism through social support groups.

• Environment: War Effects Organization environmental conservation department raises seedlings and gives it out to the local community and a total of 60,000 seedlings are ready to be given out to the local community to fight global warming. 30,000 teak trees and 30,000 Musis trees.
• Education: In this department, WEO assess the vulnerability of the children within the community and select the most valuable child or child headed homes and offer scholarship. In this WEO agrees with the local leaders of that villages and agreements are signed between the caretaker of the child and the organization. The most key binding agreements is that is the child vulnerable, is the caretaker able to give 1 actor of land to the organization to plants wood trees on this 1 actor. It´s from these point that WEO buys the seedlings and plant trees for the vulnerable child in one actor of land of which after the education, WEO shall withdraw from scholarship and help the vulnerable child to get the market for the wood trees(timbers) to be sold and get money for his or her sustainability.
• Livelihood support: This is the back bone of Uganda and the duty of war effects organization is to sensitize the community on livelihood support through distribution of fruits trees (oranges, mangoes, pawpaw, cabbages, eggs plant to the vulnerable households of the organization operation areas. WEO encourages also the community members who are not vulnerable to plant as many fruits trees, as much as they can. There is also helps in the improvement of nutrition in malnourished households and as well supporting their financial status indirectly through these fruit trees planting.
• Advocacy: However in African culture children are taken as sets of families and defense for example some family belief that once a child reaches 18 years he or she is suppose to drop out of school and get married. Yet they have the right to a basic need like education, health and socialization. In these aspects therefore WEO play a big role in community sensitization, creating awareness and advocating for the child rights.
• Health: WEO always offer health talks, reproductive health and rights of the youths within the community, carry out surgery of the vulnerable children and youth off the community and as well carry out counseling and guidances to the vulnerable members of the community and always encourage them to go for voluntary testing and counseling of the community outreaches. It also gives the referral notes to the health centers where the positive leavers can go and get proper treatment on STIs and HIV/AIDS

Osako Dickens Adui is the Co-founder and CEO of War Effects Organisation (WEO).

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