Gram Vikas

Mohuda Village, Berhampur 760 002
Orissa, Ganjam District

Ansprechpartner: Joe Madiath

+91-680-2261866 to 2261869 ; +91 9437011869, +91 9437281819


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Über uns

Gram Vikas, which literally means 'Village Development' is a non-governmental organization that has been working since 1979, to bring about sustainable improvement in the quality of life of poor and marginalised rural communities - mostly in Orissa, India.

Gram Vikas' Mission is to promote processes which are sustainable, socially inclusive and gender equitable to enable critical masses of poor and marginalized rural people or communities to achieve a dignified quality of life.

Gram Vikas' mission is realised through the programme MANTRA - Movement and Action Network for the Transformation of Rural Areas - an integrated habitat development and governance programme that uses the common concerns regarding clean water and sanitation as a tool to unite and empower communities, to launch development initiatives, to improve community health and quality of life. MANTRA is based on the values of inclusion, sustainability, cost sharing, and social and gender equity.

Sectors of intervention:
• Enabling infrastructure: Enable creation of appropriate living conditions including protected drinking water, sanitation and disaster proof housing; Enable creation of adequate common infrastructure including community halls, grain stores, communication systems and energy systems.
• Livelihoods and Food security: Promote appropriate & ecologically conducive mechanisms for increasing food production and promote food security. Facilitate processes for enhancing capacity of natural and human resources to enable livelihood security.
• Education and Health: Enable and promote people's access to basic education and primary health services; Provide opportunities for education up to high school level for tribal children from remote and isolated habitations/ hamlets; Promote access to safe drinking water and sanitation; Promote community based mechanisms for maternal and child health care
• Self Governing People's institutions: Promote and strengthen people's and local self-governance institutions to achieve self-reliance; Institutionalize and promote mechanisms for equitable representation of the community at all levels, across caste, class and gender differences.
• Women's empowerment: Through training and exposure to other communities, their confidence is nurtured and through small savings and credit linkages their economic strength is augmented.
• Strengthening Panchayats: These villages with basic levels of development, high levels of participation of men and women in the community, and strong management capacities, are able to influence democratic processes at the Panchayat level and ensure effective conduct of development projects.
• Alliance building and advocacy: Gram Vikas promotes processes of alliance building among community based organizations and non-government organizations to energize "critical masses" to claim & retain rights and influence policies.

Joe Madiath is the Executive Director of Gram Vikas.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.