Eastern Cape Non-Governmental Coalition (ECNGOC)

Nurturing development, ideas and action in the Eastern Cape

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Über uns

The Eastern Cape Non-Governmental Coalition (ECNGOC) was established in 1995 as a collective of non-governmental, faith and community based organizations committed to changing conditions for the worst affected in South Africa. The ECNGOC is recognised as the most representative structure of the development sector in the Eastern Cape Province. It plays a significant advocacy role in many consultative stakeholder forums and government-led development structures and processes.

The ECNGOC’s work is directed by five focus areas, which are guided by the ECNGOC Code of Ethics, are entrenched in rights-based, gender, and pro-poor philosophies, and promote ubuntu. These focus areas are:

• Advocacy and networking,
• Training,
• Information dissemination,
• Mentoring,
• Research.

• Eyabantu Ngabantu (for the people, by the people): is based on the development philosophy of Asset-based Community Development (ABCD). It is about identifying a community’s skills, connections, ideas and rights, and building the confidence of community members to use these ‘assets’ towards conceptualising and implementing their own sustainable development solutions. These four C’s are at the core of ECNGOC’s Eyabantu Ngabantu work: Concepts, Capacity, Connections and Confidence.
• Local Governance: ECNGOC’S Civil Society Support Programme for Local Governance is a programme that works with representatives from ECNGOC member organisations and communities to help them define and tackle key problems that affect them.
• HIV/AIDS: ECNGOC is involved in the Eastern Cape Aids Council and other forums that work to end the spread of HIV.
• Land: ECNGOC supports member organisation’s advocacy on land related issues – particularly around issues of land redistribution, food security, genetic modification, rights and access. ECNGOC also actively promotes pro-poor rights and sustainable agriculture and home food production by assisting member organizations in their promotion of the sustainable concepts.

Artwell Chivhinge is the Programmes Facilitator of ECNGOC.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.