Women´s Organisation in Rural Development (WORD)

Enabling Women | Educating Children

7-C, Andikadu, Vediarasampalayam Road, Agraharam Post
Pallipalayam, Namakkal District. Tamilnadu

Ansprechpartner: M. Renida Sarala

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Über uns

Based at Namakkal district in Tamilnadu, India, Women´s Organisation in Rural Development (WORD) is a registered non governmental organisation (NGO) working for the upliftment of rural people especially women and children at the grass root level. WORD was incepted in the year 1985. WORD spreads its activities in all spheres and its integrated approach helps the overall development of women, children and the society.

• To create insight among rural women to know their potentialities and rights to become an equal and active partner to men in family and in society.
• To enhance their standard of living by improving their skills.
• To ensure sound health status for rural people.
• To provide literacy to rural women and Children.
• To create awareness on the environmental hazards and ways to prevent them.
• To realize the value of human rights.
• To protect human and economic security.
• To improve Community Development and Participation.
• To train and equip the community to face disasters and catastrophes like cyclones, earthquakes, drought, flood, epidemics, fire, tsunamis, communal and man-made disasters and to familiarize people in trauma and counselling methods to prevent from psychological imbalances.

Projects and Programs:
• Community Based HIV/AIDS Care and Support Program for Children affected by HIV/AIDS.
• Women Empowerment Program.
• Integrated Children Development Program.
• Integrated Community Development Program.
• Youth Development Program.
• Life Skills Education Program for Children.
• Residential School for deprived children.
• Vocational Training Program.
• Microscale Biogas Program under Clean Development Mechanism.
• Reduce the risks of Young workers in the Textile Industries.

M. Renida Sarala is the Director of Women´s Organisation in Rural Development (WORD).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.