Diya Seva Sansthan (DSS)

Budh Vihar , Tetar Toli, Near Sarna Maidan Morabadi
834009 Bariatu, District: Ranchi, State: Jharkhand

Ansprechpartner: Sita Swans

+91 9835339455; +91 9430146321; +91 (0)651-6991008


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Über uns

Diya Seva Sansthanis (DSS) is a voluntary organization based in Jharkhand, which works for the rescue, rehabilitation and empowerment of victims of trafficking. It was initiated by a group of dedicated social workers and activists in the year 2002.

DSS visualize a progressive, peaceful and prosperous society and work for easy mechanism of development particularly for the poor and underprivileged sections of the society with particular focus on women, disabled and children.

Our mission is to serve, protect and empower poor and vulnerable communities of the society for their true welfare, development and rehabilitation.

• To eradicate poverty, unemployment, disparity, corruption, exploitation etc. from the society.
• To undertake programs for sustainable development of cottage/small scale industries; To work for development of agriculture, wasteland, irrigation facilities and agriculture based industries.
• To promote education facilities (NFE, Bridge Course Centre, Adult literacy Centre etc.) in remote areas of Jharkhand; To work for imparting vocational training and employment/self-employment of unemployed youth.
• To work for development of agriculture, wasteland, irrigation facilities and agriculture based industries.
• To promote health and health related activities in the slums and villages; To work for reduction of life threatening diseases like HIV/AIDS, Cancer, Kalazar and Malaria.
• To organize workshop /seminars/symposium/ conferences/meetings for acquainting people on different socio-economic issues.
• To make people aware on environmental & pollution control measures; To execute, administer, monitor and evaluate watershed development program, drinking water & sanitation program, soil & water conservation program, urban development program, women development & empowerment program.

• SHG Nurturing and Capacity Building Program: A campaign was launched by DSS to bring sensitization among the people on the importance of maintaining of environment and pollution reduction
• Welfare Program for SC/ST
• ASER Program: DSS with the support of ASER- Pratham Foundation, Mumbai continued educational level survey of the 60 villages in Jharkhand.
• Human Trafficking Prevention Program:
• Farmer´s Land Survey Program: In village meetings, farmers were made known of the benefits of land survey, soil erosion control, irrigation methods, soil conservation method and other important topics related to soil and cultivation practices.
• Sanitation and Hygiene: District level campaign to achieve total sanitation and hygiene in the villages, constructed 150 low cost latrines to provide low cost sanitation facility to the families living below the poverty line. 5 awareness and hygiene education camps were also organized.
• HIV/AIDS Awareness Program
• Child Right
• Rescue and Legal Services: DSS is working to provide immediate support to the victims of trafficking and in turn highlights these trafficking patterns to advocate for a broader understanding of human trafficking
• Prevention of Domestic Violence: DSS organized meetings with the violence victims to protect them from domestic violence, dowry death and atrocities.
• Health Program: DSS organized 02 awareness generation programs on HIV/AIDS,
• Women Empowerment Program
• Free legal Aid and Counseling
• Organization of Workshop, Rally and Camps: Number of workshops and awareness programs were organized by DSS covering different issues of socio-economic relevance.

Sita Swansi is the Secretary of Diya Seva Sansthanis (DSS).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.