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  • Antirassismus, Integrationspolitik
  • Gemeinschaft, Gemeindeprojekt
  • Bildungspolitik/-projekt
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Über uns

GEDAKINA (pronounced /g’ dah keen nah/) means “Our world/Our way of living” in the Wabanaki language.

GEDAKINA seeks to facilitate long-term systemic and positive change for INDIGENOUS People of “New England” by promoting the self-determination and sovereignty of our people and Nations, by protecting our traditional homelands and places of historical, spiritual and ecological significance, and by ensuring the continuance, health, and wellbeing of our peoples and culture.

Our Constituency is composed of youth, women and their families who are indigenous to the region, along with First Nations people originally from outside of the region, and non-indigenous allies; and includes people of all ability, age, gender, race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation. Our rural, urban and reservation communities are defined by our respective First Nations, physical locations, and our continued experiences with settler colonialism. Regardless of location and type of community, all our communities remain largely invisible to the mainstream society, are marginalized, and underserved. The socio-economic challenges facing our people are complex, interconnected and often differ little from community to community. Challenges are deeply rooted in the effects of continued settler colonialism and historical trauma.

Our overall mission is to develop new ways of reaching our constituency, rooted in traditional cultural teachings and values, which will provide them with skills and resources to better navigate the challenges they face in a changing landscape. Our initiatives focus on leadership development, community health & wellness, sustainable food systems, indigenous traditional ecological knowledge (ITEK), healthy relationships, education & literacy, peace and justice, and cultural survival.

Programs Include:
*Nd'ôtlokawôganawal – Our Stories: Enhancing Children’s Reading, Imagination and Creativity, promotes literacy among young readers preschool through 5th grade, combining reading and storytelling activities that help them develop an understanding and enjoyment of reading, and of traditional and contemporary stories relevant to their lives, family and community history, as well as the world around them.

*We Are All Connected: providing a safe environment in school and after-school programs for children to learn about inclusion, identity and diversity while challenging racism, bullying and violence though literacy and art projects.

*The Healing Fire Initiative for Survivors of Sexual and Domestic Violence offers survivors a welcoming and comforting place to break the isolation they may feel, build community with other survivors, advocates, and supporters, and begin or continue their healing process.

*HERStory strengthens women and girls’ voices, through spoken word, writing and poetry workshops and performance; and provides a safe, supportive and nurturing space for women and girls to come together and share life stories and experiences.

*Native Women and Girls Community Building Circles are a multi-generational mentoring and support system that helps nurture and encourage all women in the community. Women and girls find emotional, educational, and cultural support, as well as a safety net and help with informed decision-making in their daily lives.

*Circles of Strength offers support, guidance and positive role modeling for boys and young men. We focus on healthy relationships, risk-taking behavior, violence prevention, conflict resolution and life skills.

*Bagadal8mow8gannawal "Bringing Back Our Songs" connects elementary through high school aged youth to traditional songs, music and dance.

* PathFinders is a professional / economic development initiative to prepare youth and young adults to lead GEDAKINA’S outdoor education activities, and for ecotourism, outdoor adventure, guiding and wilderness medical professions.

*Keepers of the Earth connects youth to the outdoors as they explore places of ecological and community significance through activities like hiking, snowshoeing, canoeing and camping. Youth interact with educators, community knowledge keepers and Elders, learning about place-based history, cultural survival and traditional ecological knowledge (TEK).

*Dawnland Environmental Defense is an alliance of Native and non-Native people in Maine and from across the northeast that focuses on protecting places of historical, ecological and spiritual significance to the indigenous people of the Maine, New England and beyond.

*Nature’s Garden - Seeks to increase access to healthy foods, revitalize traditional and sustainable food systems, and improve the health and wellbeing of our indigenous people across the region.

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For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.