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This week 8th-12th March, GlobalGiving is matching 50% donations of up to in the LittlexLittle Matching Campaign.

Support and donations can support one of our very many Interventions in the pastoral community of Kajiado County which include;
- Enrolling and retaining a girl in school.
- Skills development among the women and youth.
- Forums on maternal Health and Sexual and reproductive education.
- Support in offering sustainable livelihoods among widowed women.
- Support our efforts in empowering the community on matters gender equality and inclusivity.
- Provide school going girls with dignity packs to enable them stay in school.
And so much more.

Support (Sowing Maasai women and girls Future) by giving today: (You can donate through our online Platforms Mpesa Pay Bill: 891300 Account: GG48820

Thank you for your continued support.

Über uns

Patinaai Osim,founded in 2010, is a term of endearment used by Maasai mothers preserved for their children, loosely translates to, “the one I share troubles with”. We are a not-for-profit organization, seeking to serve nomadic girls and women in Kajiado County by addressing reproductive health and education challenges among nomadic girls and women through capacity building and empowerment.

To this end, we are open to multilateral collaboration with like-minded partners, both locally and internationally, who are able to provide viable collaborations that meet the needs of our local populace towards their improvement and enrichment of quality of life

Our mission

Create sustainable livelihoods and empower nomadic communities to speak up and uplift their social-economic status.

Our vision

To have empowered and resilient girls and women as change makers in the nomadic community



Tomononisho™ (‘Mother and Child’): Patinaai Osim seeks to bridge the gap of inadequate maternal health care services by partnering with community health workers to educate the local women on reproductive health. Patinaai Osim will partner with these programs to address the following: Maternal health; Pre-& postnatal care, education – Reproductive & menstrual health – Nutrition education; Educate communities on NHIF medical Cover and sponsored programs; Linda Mama, Inua Jamii; Partner with NHIF to sensitize, recruit and register NHIF members


Ramat Oontoyie™ (‘Nurturing the Girl’): This initiative seeks to increase the number of girls who attend and successfully complete their education from various learning institutions as well as mentor them to ensure they attain the highest level of education. Patinaai Osim delivers support in the following ways: Mentorship program; Girls clubs to build social capital; Facilitate the establishment of school libraries to encourage reading culture.

Sustainable Livelihood

Naretisho™ (‘Building Capacity’): Patinaai Osim will provide a space that will enable women in the community to engage in income generating activities as well as quarters for health education, conservation learning, finance management and any other enlightening activities that will be deemed necessary and relevant to the community. Our livelihood initiative entails the following income generation activities: Capacity building + skills development; Cultural products and Dairy products.


Eramatata Olmanyara™ (‘Environment Management’): Persistent droughts have forced the Maasai and their livestock herds to the brink of starvation. Patinaai Osim together with the community will explore traditional and modern knowledge and its contribution to biodiversity conservation in order to roll out mitigation/adaptation measures that can reverse the environmental degradation. Patinaai Osim also seeks to take respective actions to restore the environment to its original state and target the conservation of the undisturbed habitat. This will be achieved through afforestation, reforestation, discouraging charcoal burning as well as advocating for alternative and sustainable farming and livestock husbandry methods. The community will be sensitized to the need to develop and adapt to environmentally conscious activities.

Semerian Sankori is the CEO of Patinaai Osim.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.