Slum Child Foundation (SCF)

PO Box 47714; Kamunde Road, Engyo Plaza First floor, #4, Kariobangi
00100 Nairobi

Ansprechpartner: George Ochieng Odalo

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Über uns

Started in 2006 and registered in 2008, Slum Child Foundation (SCF) is a non-profit social services organization recognized and registered as a community based organization and as an NGO in Kenya, Africa.

Our Mission
We work with vulnerable and marginalized children to improve their school performance, provide health, HIV/AIDS and hygiene education, counsel teens on marriage and pregnancy, prevent school delinquency and dropout, provide alternatives to illicit drugs and substance abuse, advocate for child rights, offer safety against street conflict and crime. Since our inception our aim has been to empower youth, sensitize the community and advocate for very young children, tackling those immediate concerns that limit their growth the most.

Our Vision
We believe in a world that actively seeks to transform the lives of children affected by the crisis of extreme poverty, hunger, illness, persecution, or neglect.

• Toto Club: This project is a school outreach program and student activity club designed to help existing schools with the challenges facing the children of the slums. We engage members in various activities that include French lessons, games, tutoring, drawing and music. Through the Toto Club we stay in touch with at risk youth and are able to track the progress children are making and the impact we are having in their lives. Normally we conduct 30 home visits a month with the children involved in the club and encourage them to remain in school by providing things like writing supplies and removing barriers like fees and the lack of uniforms.
• Cross the Bridge Initiative: This project is a outreach program that helps young people with vocational training. SCF has worked with Kenya Youth Employment and Skills Program which is supported by USAID to offer opportunities for as many youth as possible from Nairobi County who either dropped from primary school or high school and never graduated. This provides youth with civic education and governance programs to engage them on human rights issues along with courses in baking, catering, hairdressing, plumbing, electrical wiring, mechanics, masonry, carpentry, tiling, dressmaking/tailoring, and knitting to help them find lasting work in their community.
• Table Banking & Counseling: This project focuses on helping the mothers and caregivers of children with is a group funding strategy where members of a particular group meet once every month, place their savings, loan repayments and other contributions on the table then borrow immediately either as long term or short term loans. The women then use the money borrowed as capital for their livelihood projects. Our counseling strategy involves training interns and volunteers to become aware of and sensitive to the issues of street orphans and be able to provide psycho-social support.
Currently we are expanding our capacity through networking and partnerships by:
• Conducting training for trainers of trainers (TOT) for students as drug peer educators.
• Conducting training for guidance counselors and teachers for both primary and secondary school on drugs and children rights.
• Providing seminars for youth group leaders on drug and substance abuse
• Seeking networking and liaisons with like minded organization whose interests is child and youth centered in Nairobi, Kenya.

George Ochieng Odalo is the Founder and Executive Director of the Slum Child Foundation (SCF).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.