Fundatia Ecotop pentru Cultura si educatie ecologista

Piata Independentei nr.39, Cetate Corp I
410067 Oradea

Ansprechpartner: Mircescu, Eleonora

+40 259/441681
+40 259/441681


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Über uns

ECOTOP Oradea has its setting up on 13th May 1991, registered as a legal entity according to the Law. Its mission is the promotion of the sustainable development, principles through practical and educational activities. Its aim is to underline the values of the Bihor county's landscape and the communities heritage. Its principles are: constant interest in solving the environmental problems, promotion of sustainable development, free access to information, promotion of on eco-civic attitude, of honesty, transparency and cooperation, based on mutual respect and a sustained team spirit. Some of its targets are:

- to sustain the development of the mountain areas by means of the Microcredits Fund for Rural Development,
- practical activities of cleaning up and ecological reconstruction, maintenance of the tourist marks, tourist sights and protected areas,
- to organize well-equipped, proper, permanent or temporary bases, for areas of a strong ecological impact, necessary for the ecological survey and the research activities,
- to initiate prospecting and inventory activities, as well as the research of the natural protected areas and of new sources of energy, ecological ways of transport, to provide information, guiding and other services for the tourists,
- to organize courses on ecological and sustainable development issues and tourism; to organize advertising campaigns, TV and radio programs; to organize symposiums, conferences, lectures and exhibitions,
- to arrange meetings, cooperations and exchanges, even international ones; to initiate partnerships and coalitions with public authorities, institutions, organizations.

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Further we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the following field: environmental education and projects, community development.