Disabled Children Rehabilitation Project

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P. BOX 14301 Mengo Kla, Kisubi Village , Katabi Subcounty

Ansprechpartner: Mercy Namuganza

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Über uns

Disabled Children Rehabilitation Project (DCRP) is a non government community based organization. It is a nonprofit making organization that was started in 2006 by Reverend George Kibwiika Magumba in Entebbe.

The major aim of Disabled Children Rehabilitation Project is to uplift the status of disabled children in Uganda by providing financial and psychological support.

The Project aims at expediting the establishment of equal opportunity and guaranteeing the principle of non-discrimination against the disabled children in societies by:
• Ensuring that the disabled children are protected from all forms of physical, sexual or mental violence and generating momentum for concrete and time-bound actions to prevent and respond to such violence and abuse.
• Carrying out preventive public education campaigns about the negative consequences of the ill-treatment of the disabled children.
• Preventing and prohibiting all forms of discrimination against the disabled children and to ensure that they have equal opportunities to participate fully in all spheres of life.
• Providing them with adequate social, health services and quality education which will later see them through life as responsible and self reliant citizens.

• To ensure human rights for the disabled children
• To give disabled children a dignified status of life
• To educate disabled children
• To promote literacy among children
• To end economic hardships and dependence in which disabled children live
• To equip disabled children with practical skills for earning a descent living
• To provide disabled children with necessary information to enable them make informed decisions about their needs
• To solicit financial support, bursaries for disabled children from both local and outside.
• To build confidence of disabled children and promote their human rights through information, formal and non formal education and group counseling / workshops and communication services

• Befriending: Our befriending and mentoring services for disabled people and parents of disabled.
• Wheel Chairs and Support Gadgets
• Advice and information: We provide free and confidential information, advice and support for disabled people.
• Employment: We support disabled people to find jobs, work experience and volunteering opportunities.
• Education=Empowerment: Many disabled people lack education, making it difficult to gain employment. With access to education they can challenge the social exclusion that keeps them out of the job market.

Mercy Namuganza is the Executive Director of the Disabled Children Rehabilitation Project (DCRP).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.