Barna Samajkallyan Sangstha (BBS)

318, Nirala Nibas, Gohata
8100 Gopalgonj

Ansprechpartner: APARNA BALA LUCKY



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Über uns

Baran Samajkallyan Sangstha (BSS) is a local non-government, non-profitable, non-political, non-sectarian voluntary development organization initiated & dedicated for the promotion of Socio-economic development of the landless, shelter-less marginalized farmers since 2007.

Having observed the bitter experiences of torture and pains, some enthusiastic and dedicated people come forward for establishing Barna Samajkallyan Sangstha (BSS) under the active & experienced leadership of Aparna Bala Lucky (Executive Director). Having required sufficient experience in development activities in the national and international organizations she puts her sincere and active leadership in building up of the organization for the betterment & development of the local people.

Goal of BSS:
Empowering & transform the socio-economic condition of the marginalized & poor communities in the process of good governance towards an improved socio-economic gender balanced just society

BSS has been implementing different types of activities/program at Gopalgonj Sadar, Gopalgonj district since its inception as per the needs and requirements of the people and availability of resources. BSS carries out development activities with the active participation of development partners.

Sector focus:
• Group formation and institution building of the ultra poor women and men, Group formation & savings program,
• Training, Education, Research,
• Income Generation Activities for Employment Opportunities,
• Primary Health Care, Improvement of Reproductive Health , Water Sanitation Health & Hygiene (WASH ), HIV/AIDS prevention activities
• Advocacy for reducing Gender Discrimination, Good Governance,
• Facilitate human right establishment,
• Disable education, adult & child education
• Agricultural activities, Arsenic Mitigation Program etc.
• Stop the smoking & drug,
• Life Skill program for Adolescent Groups,
• Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change, Emergency Relief and Rehabilitation Program.

Aparna Bala Lucky is the Executive Director of Baran Samajkallyan Sangstha (BSS).

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Also we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.