Native Medicare Charitable Trust (NMCT)

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Über uns

Native Medicare Charitable Trust (NMCT) is a non profit organisation established in 1988. It aims at Sustainable Holistic Development among the Underserved by promoting education, health and sustainable livelihood. NMCT undertakes interventions to improve the livelihood of the Tribes by promoting capacity building and empowerment by formation of Self Help Groups and supporting for their social development through agriculture forestry, animal husbandry and other livelihood activities.

Mission: Capacity building, promotion and support service towards achieving socio-economic empowerment.

• To create awareness among the public, industrial workers and sex workers on prevention of HIV/AIDS.
• To provide care & support to the people living with HIV/AIDS and children infected/affected by HIV/AIDS.
• To undertake children focused programs on welfare and development and also maintaining a care home for the children affected by the HIV/AIDS and other vulnerable children.
• To improve the livelihood sustainability of hill tribes by promoting capacity building and empowerment and supporting for their social development through agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry & other livelihood activities.
• To undertake programmes on natural resources management and environment protection.

• Integrated Tribal: The integrated Tribal development project aims at the Socio-Economic Development among 750 Tribal families.
• MCRC: Cultivation of medical plants; Provision of safe and clean drinking water; Solar water project
• Hope: The project aims at providing healthy and dignified life for PLHIV by reduction in poverty, discrimination and human rights violation by improving self-confidence, health, economic status and social acceptance among 1500 PLHIV
• TI Migrants: Prevention of HIV/AIDS among the migrants in the Coimbatore District
• SHUBH ARAMBH: A consortium to improve feeding practices, health seeking behavior, community based health, nutrition and childhood development services to the children in the Anaimalai Block of Pollachi Taluk, Coimbatore District.
• SILAI School: The Silai School is the joint venture of Usha International Ltd, organized with the objective of empowering the women and young girls in tailoring and allied activities and to develop them as independent entrepreneurs to manage and operate the Usha Silai Schools. It motivates the women and young girls to become Silai school teachers and improve their socio economic status.
• ABHAYA Students Shelter: Abhaya Students Shelter accommodated female children from various districts of Tamilnadu.
• VIMUKTHA: Vimuktha federation effectively involved in activities such as formation of SHGs and strengthening, Linkages with the Banks for obtaining loans, conducts regular health camps, formed Children clubs for the development of the children, advocacy for availing social benefits and availing credit for the women entrepreneurs for their socio economic development
• ADI Federation: ADI federation is a community based Organization founded in the year-2010 with the aim of creating opportunity for the sustainable socio economic development of hill tribes by empowering the tribal community by education, capacity building and networking with other CBOs.

A.S.SANKARANARAYANAN is the Managing Trustee at the Native Medicare Charitable Trust (NMCT).

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Also we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.