Chanaka Development Trust

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Ansprechpartner: RIFILOE CHANAKA

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Über uns

CHANAKA DEVELOPMENT TRUST is a Southern African, non political, non profit and a non partisan organisation with an eye on the future orphans, the visually handicapped and the disabled in Zimbabwe. The organisation was formed in Zimbabwe in 2008 but it is now based in South Africa. It carries its mandates in remote rural areas of Zimbabwe especially in Mberengwa and Mutasa area in Mt Darwin

Given the towering poverty and suffering among the Zimbabweans, such as the orphans, the visually handicapped and the disabled CHANAKA DEVELOPMENT TRUST gives humanitarian support in addition to educational support.

The aims and the objectives for which the Trust has been constituted are to utilize the capital and income from the assets of the Trust without the necessary contemplation of any profit for the following purposes:
• To train and educate the destitute and homeless with a view of their full integration into the society.
• To assist communities improve their standard of public health, water and sanitation and socio-Economic, Welfare through community based approaches.
• To mitigate the effects of HIV/ AIDS pandemic through coordination and advocacy, prevention, care and support as well as monitoring and evaluation of the affected and infected through positive interventions.
• To lobby for financial, material, technical or any other donations from both local and international sources in order for the Trust to fulfill its mandate of providing care and support to the affected and infected as well as raising awareness to the communities about the HIV/AIDS pandemic.
• To engage in monitoring, evaluation about and research and any other activities and programmes that may be deemed necessary and useful towards the effective and efficient attainment of the organisation´s goals/aims and objectives.
• To assist communities in initiating, designing and implementing effective public health, water and sanitation, mainstreaming HIV/AIDS management, rehabilitation of families displaced and traumatized as a result of political violence, orphan care programs for vulnerable and deserving social groups in identified areas as well as formulation and implementation of sustainable agricultural livelihoods and related socio-economic programs in order to alleviate poverty and ensure food security in collaboration with relevant central and local governments, its agencies, sister development organisations, stakeholders and consultants in community capacity development and to spearhead programs of positive policy and behaviour change, promote community development systems, self sustainance and reduce the dependence system in identified populations.

Rifiloe Chanaka is the Founder of the CHANAKA DEVELOPMENT TRUST.

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Also we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work. CHANAKA DEVELOPMENT TRUST as a non profit organisation is seeking to partner with other international organisation in order to implement its programs.