Lincoln Envirotown Trust (LET)

694 Gould´s Road
RD4 Christchurch 7674

Ansprechpartner: Sue Jarvis

+64 (0)3 329 5858; +64 (0)21 100 1009


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Über uns

Lincoln Envirotown Trust (LET) is a charitable trust dedicated to fostering a community-owned process for sustainability in Lincoln, New Zaeland. We started out in 2006 as a sub-committee of the Lincoln Community Committee.

• To promote the long term environmental sustainability of Lincoln Township with the understanding that this is also the basis for social, cultural and economic sustainability in the future.
• To educate about and raise awareness of environmental sustainability issues and to provide information about how to achieve environmental sustainability.
• To provide appropriate opportunities for personal and community decision making to ensure that the environmental, social, cultural and economic sustainability of the Lincoln Township is promoted.
• To act as a role model for other communities wanting to progress towards environmental sustainability

Main subjects:
• Sustainable Housing
• Waste
• Energy & Environment
• Planting
• Education

Lincoln Envirotown provides many services for individuals, businesses and community groups.
• The Lincoln Envirotown caravan (LET Mobile Sustainability Centre) provides information and resources to help people make more sustainable choices. The LET Sustainability Centre contains brochures, pamphlets, and a wide variety of information on environmental and sustainability issues.
• Community garden: The Lincoln Community Garden is part of a growing network of community gardens throughout New Zealand. This is available for community groups, individuals or businesses. It provides a sharing of skills, so come to learn and come to share what you know or come just to enjoy.
• Organic growing project: plots available on the Biological Husbandry Unit at Lincoln University.
• Energy efficiency workshops; Composting workshops
• Education: We have an Envirokids club which meets monthly
• Native planting guide: We have produced a guide to help you decide what native plants are suitable for your garden.

Sue Jarvis is the Chairperson of the Lincoln Envirotown Trust.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.