Participatory Research & Action Network (PRAN)

House # 11, Road # 33/A, Housing Estate,
3800 Maijdee, Noakhali, Chittagong,

Ansprechpartner: Nurul Alam Masud

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Über uns

Participatory Research & Action Network (PRAN) is a non-profit organization searching development alternative to strengthen people´s initiative by promoting human rights, economic rights, governance, trade justice and sustainable livelihood.

PRAN was setup by a group of civil society activist, young researcher and journalists from the costal part of Bangladesh in year of 2003, when the initiators realized that the development situation of greater Noakhali area are lacking research, civil society activism, information technology; rights-base organizations to play essential role in promoting rights to development approach for sustainable livelihoods. The organizers decided to setup a research advocacy and ICT focused organization by grassroots leadership.

The aim of alleviating poverty, PRAN focused on integrated development of the organized participants including their human, skill and economic development through a right based manner. PRAN has been playing an important role for the economic development of rural livelihoods.
According to the organization´s policy, special emphasis is given on women´s participation and in building poor people´s capacity towards disaster risk reduction and climate resilience. Networking at various levels and policy advocacy are the important areas of PRAN´s programme implementation approach. Accordingly, campaign, lobbying and policy advocacy activities have been undertaking jointly with the social organization formed at local level and with the national level platforms.
The organization´s main drive is ensuring rights of the poor and marginalized, good governance and sustainable livelihood development through promoting people´s participation at all levels of the state and society, accountability, capacity development and access to resources.

PRAN currently implements 5 thematic programmes in achieving its goal. Thematic programmes are:
• Rural livelihoods,
• Human rights and Social justice,
• Ecological and Economic Justice,
• Responsive Governance,
• Integrated Knowledge Management.

• Right to Information Campaign
• Climate Justice Campaign
• Adulterared Seed and Fertilizer Campaign
• Tax Justice Campaign
• Election Campaign

Nurul Alam Masud is the Chief Executive at Participatory Research Action Network (PRAN).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.