Rescue Foundation

Plot No.: 39, Fatimadevi Road, Behind Our Lady of Remedy School, Opposite Poinsur Bus-stand, Kandiva
400067 Mumbai, Maharashtra

Ansprechpartner: Girish Khudanpur

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Über uns

Rescue Foundation (RF) is a non-profit, charitable, philanthropic, non-political, well-diversified social service organization created by the late Balkrishna Acharya in the early 90s. Its presently headed by the awesome ordinary woman of extraordinary courage - Ms. Triveni Acharya. Since 1993, its dedicated to serve the most neglected and exploited section of our society, i.e Victims Of Commercial Sexual Exploitation And Human Trafficking (VCSET), and their children in distress.

Rescue Foundations vision is a secure world for girls & children, devoid of human trafficking, and an empathetic society with compassion towards trafficked girls.

Our mission is to reinstate human rights to victims of human trafficking, trafficked from Bangladesh, Nepal and India who are sexually abused and are sold for forced prostitution.

Aims and objectives
• Investigate hot spots for children believed sold in commercial sex trade
• Identify and verify the presence of the missing girls in the brothels, massage parlors, hotels etc.
• Raid and rescue trafficked girls from captivity, along with all other girls willing to be rescued.
• Rescue girls & children from airports, railway stations, bus-stands and such transit points.
• Provide personalized psycho-social counseling to renew their faith in mankind
• Provide shelter, security, balanced nutrition, recreation and other facilities in a homely environment.
• Provide comprehensive health care including HIV/AIDS treatment, de-addiction, abortions, deliveries, hospitalization etc.
• Provide vocational training for empowerment towards self-sustainability.
• Provide legal aid to the girls to ensure that antisocial elements are legally punished.
• Repatriate the girls to rejoin their families as productive earning family-member.
• Reintegrate victims back in society without any social stigma.
• Build close relationships with law enforcement agencies, NGOs, victims, informers
• Advocate human rights of trafficked girls.
• Battle the scourge of human trafficking through legal means.
• Seek corporate and institutional partnerships

• Investigation & verification
• Rescue
• Care and Protection
• Health Care
• Vocational Training
• Legal Aid
• Psycho-Social Counselling
• Nutrition
• Repatriation and Reintegration

Protective & Rehabilitation Homes: RF operates its own protective & shelter home facilities in a homely environment for rescued trafficked girls (and their children) in Mumbai, Boisar, Pune and Delhi.

Girish K. is the Projects Director of Rescue Foundation (RF).
Cell : +91-9833827367
Email : Girish K
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For other net participants/volunteers we can offer need-based boarding & lodging facilities (subject to conditions).
Also we can offer an expert guidance in the field of Anti-human trafficking, sex trafficking.