Ethics Institute of South Africa

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+27(0)12 342 2799


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Über uns

The Ethics Institute of South Africa (EthicsSA) is a non-profit, public benefit organisation. It was incorporated in September 1999 and commenced operations in August 2000.

Our vision is the "Building an ethically responsible society."

Their mission is to promote and advance ethical practices in South Africa - in the professions, business, and public policy, and among individuals. To this end, they serve as a resource through their thought leadership, research, training, support, assessment and certification activities, facilitate ethics initiatives, and form partnerships with private and public institutions, as well as individuals.

The Ethics Institute of South Africa (EthicSA) is an institutional response to a worldwide recognition of the need for moral renewal. South Africa, in particular, experiences an erosion of ethical values in a wide range of institutions and practices.

Apart from ethics advocacy initiatives, EthicSA's advisory and educational activities are in the fields of Business Ethics and Bioethics. The major focus of our work is on assessing organisations in both the private and public sectors with managing their internal ethics efficiently.

EthicSA offers:
In-house courses:
We conduct customised ethics training for clients.
Topics frequently requested include:
• Ethics and governance (Board training)
• Ethics/integrity champion training
• Ethics in the workplace (staff sensitisation)
• Fraud and corruption prevention
• Values-based leadership
• Ethics Management
• Our courses are interactive, making use of real-life case studies and practical discussion.
• Programmes in the Prevention, Detection, Reporting and Prosecution of White-collar Crime
Open courses:
• Ethics Officer Learning Forum
• Ethics Officer Certification Programme
• Pre-employment Screening Workshop
• Whistle-blowing as ethical risk management Course

Mandy Thackwray is the Communications and Training Coordinator of EthicsSA.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.